Lose_Baby_WeightA BIG thank you to Caroline Duncan for sending in her awesome weight loss story. It makes us so happy to get this feedback and Caroline has done an amazing job and should be so proud of herself :)))
“Hi Rhian I wanted to send you a proper email as I have been meaning to but with 2 kids under 3 I get distracted a lot.  I wanted to say thank you for your products and plans as without them I would be 10kg heavier and a lot less happy!

I have struggled for literally years with my weight. I found it really hard to lose the weight after my first baby and my husband works away a lot and we don’t have family close by so finding time and energy to exercise was always hard – then when baby number 2 came it was a miracle if I even left the house – and online shopping became my new best friend!
I tried countless numbers of ‘quick fix’ diets and as well as tasting gross it was impossible to stick to them. I tried online programs and even home delivered food but I didn’t enjoy it and I found there was no support to keep you on track or understand what it is like to be a mum.
Then I found your site and it was like all my prayers had been answered. I loved loved loved that you had your own product – I mean I had never seen a product actually made for mums so was really happy with that and straight away I bought your healthy mummy smoothie plans plus the 28 day plan.  I read your pink bible from cover to cover and watched all your videos and literally cried with happiness that this could finally be the thing that worked for me after trying so many other things
I also loved the smoothies – so so yummy and I have probably made about 20 different concoctions now and if I wasn’t so camera shy I would send one of them in with me in it!  I have been on the plans for 8 weeks now and have lost 10kg and I am STOKED. Feel so much more energetic and have even started doing your exercises indoors and I can feel muscles forming in my previously flabby arms – I now love the mini push up!!! And since taking your fish oils my skin and hair is so much nicer – BONUS!
The support you offer is incredible and I wake up every day looking forward to your email and waiting to see what articles you will post online and what information you will post on facebook – which I find so uplifting even when I feel crap. So thank you a million times for everything you do and for creating such great plans.
Big hugs Caroline Duncan”
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