I have now lost over 23kg with the Lose Bay Weight healthy eating plans.
Lose Baby Weight- 23kg LossBit of an update from me, following on from my last STAR CHART BLOG!!
I had a real cracker for a week and a half and the star chart was really helping me to be accountable and I was much more consistent with my workouts for that time.
But as we all know life happens and I hit some more bumps and avoided looking at that chart for a while like it had the plague!
Took some time to focus on my mental state and will be ready to get back into it when I get home (currently at my parents).
Although I’ve had SO MANY bumps in the road and my consistency isn’t perfect, I am however consistently picking myself up, analysing my slip ups, looking for ways to avoid those problems in the future and improving each time.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
Was reading a book today and it talked about Thomas Edison who had only 3 months of proper schooling in his lifetime, (invented the light bulb), and how it took him over 2,000 trials before he got it right.
When people asked him how he managed to keep going when everything he had tried had failed, his response was “I have not failed, I have just found 2000 ways that don’t work”.
This resonated deeply with me, I’ve found so many ways that don’t quite work for me. It goes along with my little mantra, I can never fail if I never stop trying.
Eventually though I will find the perfect formula that works for me to stay on track, but until then I will keep trying.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge If you’re struggling to keep on track, don’t give up, take a step back, have a look at where you’re falling short, what steps can you take to make working out a bit easier, or what steps can you take to make healthy eating more convenient.
Life is not stagnant, things will constantly pop up, and constantly change so we to need to be able to adapt to those changes. We can’t expect different results if we’re doing the same thing.
Really looking forward to the May Belly Buster Challenge, it is definitely one of my most stubborn areas.
I will be taking this week to really focus on getting my organisation and preparation all ready for May, as preparation is definitely a key part when life throws those curveballs, something I noticed Id been lacking in this month due to being so focused on the exercise.
All about finding balance right?
Hope you’ll all be joining us for the May Belly Buster 28 Day Challenge!
Let’s blast those bellies!
Carmen xx
Lose Baby Weight- Belly Buster
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