Carlie wanted to have a healthy lifestyle with a healthy eating diet plan. She started with the Lose Baby Weight plans over two months ago and has already lost 9.2kgs but more importantly is feeling fantastic.
best_ways_to_lose_weightI started this journey just over two months ago and I feel amazing!
I stacked on a lot of weight while pregnant and went up to 91kg :(. After having bub I lost a bit due to losing fluid etc and was siting at 83kgs. I had my daughter almost two years ago and I was so unhappy for a long time…
Since starting this journey I don’t just feel happier, I have more energy, my clothes fit and my whole family benefits.
I have PCOS so I’ve always found it hard to lose weight BUT Lose Baby Weight is my life saver!
healthy_eating_diet_planI’m now not just happier and healthier I’m also 9.2 kg lighter!!
Thank you to the team for such an easy, healthy and yummy diet plan, I have never felt better!
Carlie Sutton
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