A HUGE well done to Carlie Craig who has sent in the below 2 emails and has lost 6.4kg on the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan!!

First email from Carlie on April 27

“Hi Rhian,
I just started on your plan last week and already im hooked. My second baby was 8 weeks old on Tuesday born via c/section. Starting last week, i lost 3.1kgs. Im ecstatic with this plan and cant believe how easy it is to follow.
I have never been a very good cook as my hubby usually does the cooking in our house, and I have found your receipes extremely easy to follow. I was also excited to see such a great weight loss last week when I ate three meals outside of the house (at pubs due to functions) and still managed to lose weight. The menu plans are great that they are so flexible as well.
Thanks for your time
P.S. Im a registered Midwife at our local hospital and I will be recommending this weight loss program to anyone that needs assistance. Especially as I’m seeing results on myself.”

Second email from Carlie – May 13

“Hi Rhian, Just letting you know that I am on my last day of the 28 day plan today and I have now lost 6.4kgs as of this morning. (My offical weigh in day is tomorrow morning) Im so impressed with how well the program works for me and how easy it is to follow.
Thank you and well done for creating such an awesome diet plan!! Im keen to keep following the 28 day plan, but mix up the meals etc to fit in with my family and the fruit and vegetables that are available at the time.
So thanks again……
Its been awesome!!”
Well done Carlie!! So glad you have done so well and our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan has worked for you – GO GIRL!