Can You Really Lose Weight Without Trying?Recently we wrote about how taking the stairs was a great way to lose weight without trying. We thought it might be a good time to explain what we mean by ‘losing weight without trying’.
Of course losing weight can be hard. As mums ourselves we’d never suggest that losing weight after pregnancy is easy. But if there is something we’ve learned with all the weight loss plans we’ve tried and failed at, is that success and ease comes with consistency.
So many mums report having tried so many weight loss plans with nothing really working or being sustainable until they finally cracked the code so to speak (which you can find out more in our 28 day diet and exercise e-book) and started focusing on healthy living and living a healthy life versus calorie counting or following fad diets.
How many times have you started a diet? How many times have you started an exercise plan? How many times have you let it fall away after a few weeks? In a way we should be proud that we can keep on trying to lose weight because it is hard… and we do it anyway!
What we want to remind you is this: the hardest part to losing weight is making the first changes. The (relatively) easy part is keeping it going once it has become routine.
They say it takes a month to make something a habit. That’s why we created the 28 day diet and exercise e-book. Because it’s in the first 28 days that you need the most motivation and the most help. In that first month you need to keep on your toes. You need to make sure you don’t give up by putting your health into the ‘too hard’ basket.
So if you need to put your calendar on the wall with a 28 day count down, do it. If you need to write a note of ‘KEEP GOING’ on the back of your bedroom door, do it. Just get through that first month and you’ll feel the fantastic changes in your body and the rest is just… easy!