Hello again and I’m sitting here writing my 4th blog. Feels like just yesterday it was the start of summer and I was thinking about my goals and challenges for the next few months. I am so happy with my progress so far, losing 27kgs* with Lose Baby Weight.
Lose Baby Weight-27kg Loss

One thing I often find myself thinking about it my daily life and how I can make prepping easier for myself.
But being a shift worker means it can be really hard. So I thought I’d write about my life as a nurse and how since using the Lose Baby Weight challenges has actually helped me to save time.
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Work for me is hard. It’s physically mentally and emotionally draining. No one can comprehend the things we see working in Hospitals and how we are there for the Beginning of life and the end of life. I’ve looked after 5 day old babies and people over the age of 100.
When I was at my biggest I looked after a patient who was 10 years older than me who was morbidly obese.
They had diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea and high cholesterol. I looked at them and thought that will be me in 10 years time. And I wanted to change.
Working as a nurse for almost 8 years I knew my weaknesses and things that made me fail in the past. Night shift treats. Take away on the way home after a late shift and the endless supply of chocolates at the nurses station from patients.
These things were just excuses and showed my lack of willpower. I would binge then be filled with regret and not eat causing more binging.
When I joined my first challenge back in September I knew it was time to change and I couldn’t go back to my old ways. Or I’d be the one in the hospital bed.
lose baby weight
The challenges made it so easy. I had my weekly meal plan and I would prep my meals ready to take to work. No more trips to the canteen for hot chips and gravy.
The smoothies really made a big difference for me.
On past fad diets I would always be starving in the morning and seeing cakes in the staff room would result in me stuffing my face. The healthy mummy smoothies are so easy to make and fill me up so when is morning tea time I’m not starving just know it’s time for my snack.
It felt like my first few weeks of starting the challenge were a breeze. I’d have my morning smoothie before work and have my pre packed snacks and lunch ready to go.
Then came night shifts and something I like to call the midnight buffet. I won’t need to explain but I’m sure
You can imagine what’s available on the midnight buffet. I sat at the desk looking at the chocolates and then looking at the patients thinking to myself. My self control won!!! I had my snack and ignored all the surgery goodies looking at me.
I felt even better when my work colleagues congratulated me   on staying strong.
Fast forward 5 months. I still have my daily smoothie before I go to work. I have made bliss balls for work morning teas and take veggie sticks and hummus for night shift.
I haven’t had drive through take away since I first started the challenge in September. Now my work colleagues are envious of my lunches and always ask what I’ve got today. Some of them are actually Healthy Mummy Recruits now too.
I’ve lost 27kgs since September.
I’m now out of the morbidly obese category for BMI and my cholesterol levels have returned to normal. I happily go to work looking forward to my meal break times to have my challenge meals.
When I see the chocolates and midnight buffet I ignore them and think to myself I’ve won the round. It helps keep me Motivated to my end goal.
Love Caitlin x

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