Fitness Expert for the February 28 Day Challenge, Marissa Nieves, shares her tips on how you can burn fat with just 5 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training, like the routines found in the 28 Day Challenge:
Fat burning HIIT workouts are extremely popular and scientific studies have shown that just 10-15 minutes of interval training per day can blast belly fat and skyrocket metabolism. However, the next question is, can an even shorter workout out still provide positive results? Is as little as 5 minutes of exercise enough?
We are seeing more and more shortened workouts in the fitness industry than ever before and although much of this is due to busy schedules, it is also due to new scientific evidence that shows shorter bursts of higher intensity exercise may be even more beneficial to weight loss
Generally speaking, a workout is finished once you have completed your circuits but studies have shown that with HIIT workouts this may not be the case. The HIIT reward is not limited to an increase in cardiovascular health or a positive release of endorphins. There may also be a residual increase in the body’s resting metabolic rate, which can cause calories to continue to burn up to 48 hours following a workout. Yes, even while performing other more sedentary activities in daily life!
Some very interesting insights have come out of studies and research conducted by Dr. Lynn Kravitz at the University of New Mexico. Dr Kravitz suggests that the total number of exercise hours in a week is really what is most important for continuous improvement in metabolic processes rather than when or for how long the exercises are actually performed.
So, accordingly to Dr Kravitz, the results of cardiovascular exercise may be more about how many increments of exercise are performed each week, rather than the number of continuous minutes performed at any one time. To reap the rewards from this particular workout style, it is suggested the intensity of the workouts should be high, which is why HIIT workouts are recommended.
Adopting a “something is better than nothing” attitude and performing HIIT workouts at shorter periods throughout your day will not only get your heart rate up and have you feeling great. You will also be able to fuel your metabolism and burn calories long after your workout is complete.
Although we know getting in our full 10-15 minute workout may have great benefits, it’s great to know that on days when you are looking to break up your workouts throughout your day to save time, you are still going to see powerful results!
Marissa Nieves, Fitness Expert
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