Overcoming weight loss hurdles can be tough so we were DELIGHTED to get the below email from Bridget John’s on how she is winning the weight loss battle and feeling great. Thank you so much to Bridget for sharing her healthy eating and weight loss story!

Bridget’s story

breastfeeding_safe_dietHi Rhian,
Thank you for developing such a great website (& your new healthy mummy range) and 28 day plan!
My baby boy is now 6 months old and I got up to 108kg just before he was born. I wanted to get healthy while breastfeeding and I had the additional motivation of being in my best friends wedding when my baby was 3 months old so healthily lose weight ASAP!
With the support of a life coach/personal trainer I had weekly discussions about my eating and exercise via phone I got down to 80kgs. As the life coach program was $350 for 12 weeks I stopped it when my baby was 4 months old and over the last 2 months i have let the a few kilograms creep back on.
I bought your 28 day plan and started it last week when I weighed 83.1kgs and already I’m down to 81.7kgs. The BEST bit about it is my husband has been eating the plan’s dinner meals with me and is really enjoying them and praising my cooking skills (he’s a farmer and a traditional meat & 3 veg kind of guy so I was very shocked!!!). This makes it so much easier to stick to because I (or my husband) only have to make one meal each night instead of separate meals.
I’ve been tracking my progress on your website tracking tool oo and it’s great to get the reminder email to enter my progress. Your daily emails are great information and a good daily reminder to stay focused on eating healthily (not be on a diet).
I’ve just bought new healthy mummy vanilla smoothie starter pack from your website and I prepared a vanilla smoothie with 1/2 banana (bubs ate the other half mashed!), 1 cup of frozen raspberries, 1 cup of milk and ice. It tasted amazing! I was worried I’d drink it and then still feel like making something else to eat but I felt satisfied and full after drinking it. Plus it had the extra bonus that I could drink it while feeding by bubs his solids (now that’s mother multitasking!) 🙂
Thanks again and I look forward to seeing my final 28 day plan results in 21 days time!”
Bridget Johns
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