My 28 day weight loss challenge experience :
I started at 67 kg & ended at 63kg – and have gone from a size 14 to size 10. I had to buy some new clothing ! I feel like I’m getting my life back ! This is such a great life style option for so many mums , kids & other halfs !!

It was certainly a challenge for me ! It’s really made me question what goes into my body!!
I have definately  made a lifestyle change . Made good choices at the supermarket , I can walk past soft drink & lollies with ease ( I’m proud as this will help me when my son is old enough to know heheh )  , and now when I snack it’s soo healthy , and I feel full ! Breastfeeding really takes it out of you !
I made a count down on my fridge and crossed off at the end of each day ! It felt like I had achieved something ! I feel better in myself & have mummy confidence .
I even had to buy new causal shorts during the challenge as I went to put them on & they fell off after walking around ! Lucky I was at home ! I have learnt that I can do this for me , be a healthy & happy mum .
My insides are much happier & I think this reflects my outside . It’s so easy to have a slip up , but inside of being mad at myself – I just enjoy & move on .
Life is to short to have an unhappy body & an unhealthy relationship with food . My son is 5 months old & I want to encourage a healthy & happy lifestyle as he begins his food journey. I thoroughly recommend the challenge to all mums – it is also amazing value

I have also just got the DVD And will be starting ASAP ! And will be saving up my pennies to get some healthy mummy smoothie mix in the future !!
Bree Moss
You can join the 28 Day Challenge here