Bree Moss has lost over an incredible 8kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum for January.

My name is Bree and I’m a Motivating Mum!
Here goes nothing. I am 24 years old, married (3 years) and Mum of a beautiful breastfeed/ tasting food 6 month old boy!
I have always struggled with weight as I assume  have also most of you. I was at 82kg and for myself at a small torso /height, that was a problem. A month after I had my son, I weighed in at 74.4kg (see picture) – that’s when I decided to do something.
I don’t personally find talking in kg/numbers motivates me, so I take a different approach – if you feel good on the inside , the outside should reflect it!! It’s all about attitude. Start seeing yourself for what you can do and that you can change – It’s a choice you have to make every day to be healthy & happy! It’s an active choice to eat well and exercise and Lose Baby Weight can offer the tools and support to keep making the healthy choice day after day before it becomes automatic (I’m not there yet).
I participated in my first ever 28 Day Challenge in November and boy it was a rude awaking and a half! My portions were way out of control. I had let it slide as I was trying to eat the same amount as hubby who is 6 foot and I’m 5’3 and I used breastfeeding as an excuse. The first week of the challenge was super hard. I had to adjust to daily exercise and eating 6 times A DAY!! (which was awesome) and the snacks were fantastic which helped.
I loved the apricot & almond balls – so easy/quick to make, the dark chocolate & herbal tea and the fact that I could still have a take away coffee!!! The lamb rissoles with sweet potato fries were amazing and hubby definitely approved. I now have such a better understanding of the amount I need to eat to feel full and what food will do this!
I have lost my cravings for things in large amounts like chocolate -the whole block, chips – the whole large bag and endless muesli bars and bonus I lost weight I dare say between 2-4kg! Judging by the way my clothing was fitting before and after the challenge, I actually had to go and purchase new shorts as I put mine on and they fell down!! What an encouragement and the look on hubby’s face – priceless!!
Lose Baby Weight has really helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and might I stress, this is not just about weight loss. This for me is a whole relationship with food overall and to me that’s the most exciting part- If I can build a healthy relationship with food and my body, what more can I ask for. I would 100% encourage you to give it a go for yourself. The website is easy to navigate, you can add all your personal data to see how far you have come and the Facebook support group is always available for a quick questions and alot of encouragement.
Now it’s December and the most indulgent time of year is upon us. BBQ’S, Christmas parties, New Year’s and of course, school holidays! So the perfect time to make good choices!
Welcome 2015, not with a New Year’s resolution, but with an attitude of, I CAN, I WILL be healthy and happy.
Bree Moss
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