We are Stefanie and Brooke, and together we just completed the Healthy Mummy 3 day cleanse.
The 3 day cleanse is a wonderful, healthy and safe diet plan over 3 days. It helps to nourish and cleanse your body. It can aid with weight loss and boost your metabolism.
We both started the cleanse together, which was a great incentive to keep each other on track, and a great motivation to keep us going.
Lose Baby Weight 49kg Loss

Above* Brook has lost 49kgs* with Lose Baby Weight 

It’s great to have a buddy to do the cleanse with as you can message each other daily with your meals, activities and for encouragement along the way.
We shared our meals with each other regularly which not only helped us to remain accountable but also encouraged us with the other person’s success.
Brooke thought the plan was brilliant. “I found it challenging sticking to a protein based meal plan. In three days I lost 900gm and 3 cm from my stomach and felt less bloated and more energised.”
Stefanie found the cleanse to be difficult at times but great at starting her in the right direction. “I found the meals delicious and fresh, and all super quick to prepare. And they helped me to curb my cravings and decrease my bloated heavy feeling. I too lost 900g and 6cm over my body. It helped me to feel more encouraged to exercise and get going in the morning”.
There were times I wanted to cave in to my temptations, sugar cravings are great at that. But I knew I could stick it out for 3 days. Hence why the 3 day cleanse is easy to complete.
Lose baby Weight 14kg Loss

Above* Stefanie has lost 14kgs* with Lose Baby Weight

Here are a few of our tips to help you succeed:

  • Write up your 3 days cleanse plan meal plan in advance
  • Do a grocery list, crossing off items you already have (to save money), but only buy what you need
  • Ensure you fulfil your BMR requirements. You can add extra fruit or nuts, increase your serves or bulk up your meals with extra vegetables.
  • Ensure you drink enough water, which can help to stop you feeling hungry
  • Get enough sleep, we all need enough sleep for our bodies to function properly and not store fat.
  • Meal prep for the following day to help you stay on track. Don’t give in to cravings they will soon pass. Instead enjoy a healthy herbal tea

We hope you have enjoyed our journey as we have loved motivating and inspiring you.
Brooke & Stef xx
You can download a copy of the 3 Day Cleanse here. THM_3DAY_DETOX_EBOOK  2 -1
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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

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Barbara Dixon Lost 18kgs* with the 28 Day Challenge 
Lose Baby Weight-18kg Loss
Barbara says: “It’s been fun cooking new recipes from the 28 day challenge – I just loved the chicken with lentils and sage. I think I could have that everyday and the simplicity of the salmon on sweet potato mash. 
Foods can be comforting and nourishing at the same time!”
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