Hi Mummys, my name is Bonnie and I have lost 23kg with Lose Baby Weight!
So here we are!! Half way through the year and almost have summer at our doorstep. I feel so privileged to be introducing myself to you all as one of the amazing Motivating Mums for June!!
Lose Baby Weight-23kg loss
As I was walking to my mums house today I started reminiscing about my journey with Healthy Mummy over the past year. How far I’ve come, how much my eating habits have changed and how its all positively affected myself and the people around me. This is my first blog entry for this month so for today I just want to share my story and let you all get to know me a little bit better.
In January last year our precious little girl was born. I had spent my whole pregnancy having the frame of mind that “I’ve got a fast metabolism, I can eat whatever I want, the weight is going to come straight off once she’s born”, how wrong I was!!
Just because it happened that way for my mum, my best friend’s and my cousin it just didn’t seem to be the case for me. For someone who was used to being a size 10 – 12, heaviest being 76kgs, then being 103kgs size 18, it was definitely not the way I imagined my first few months of being a mum would be like.
In March bubs was 2 months old and beautiful, I was 103kgs and not! We had our photo taken in the city and then the next day at her baby photoshoot. After seeing these photos emerge on Facebook and msgs between family members I realised how big I had become and I was utterly ashamed. It was the worst feeling to look at those photos and not even recognize myself.
I made them delete the photos from Facebook, made sure I wasn’t included in any photos being printed and was in very few photos there after. That day changed my life, I decided I couldn’t just wait for the weight to fall off, I needed to do something about it myself… For myself.

Enter …. Lose Baby Weight!!

Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
I stumbled across Lose Baby Weight one night when I was searching “lose baby weight” , not the company itself, I’d never heard of it, but just losing my baby fat.
I read the reviews, a few posts from the Facebook page but then I found the Inspiration/Success stories.
WOW was all I said to myself as I scrolled down the pages and pages worth of women like me, who have lost their weight, gained their confidence back 100 fold and who are now better, happy, healthier, inspiring Mums for their children and families. I wanted to achieve this!!
They looked how I wanted to look and felt how I knew I had felt before but didn’t because my weight was now holding me back. This was my turning point.
Having a website and program dedicated to mummies, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread!! I fell in love instantly.
We couldn’t afford the challenges or the smoothies just yet but I was dedicated to losing my weight so I joined the Facebook Support page and was addicted to the free recipes on the website.
I started gaining useful tips from the support page and began changing some habits of mine. I started with my eating habits, like actually eating breakfast, lunch, trying to fit in snacks and upping my intake of water.
I then started walking EVERYWHERE!! From walking to my mother-in-laws house, the shops, finding longer routes to get to the shops and even the shortest trips to the service station helped.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
I lost my first 10kgs in the process of adding these small amounts of extra exercise into my daily routine. This benefited my wallet too without even realising!! Less money on filling my car up, less on bus fare and no more spray tans, the sun was doing that for me haha.
On August 1st last year, I started my first 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!!  I was so excited I jumped straight on to the challenge hub and customised my menu for the week and entered my first Exercise test.
I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this!! I would have my Healthy Mummy smoothies in the morning giving me enough energy to get all my housework done, complete my challenge exercises AND look after my very enthusiastic 6 month old! August and September were my first completed challenges.
The online support was and is incredible. It kept me motivated throughout the month helping me to lose my next 10kgs! It was the best thing I have ever done just for me and it was absolutely amazing.
I’m now less 23kgs from when I started and have the amazing Lose Baby Weight team to thank for it. If I hadn’t found this program when I did I would probably still be 100+kgs.
I cannot wait for June to start and my Motivating Mum roles to begin!! I look forward to getting to know you all and to offer my support and guidance the way the past Motivating Mums have done for me.
Remember –  You can’t finish a “Challenge” without “Change”!!!
Bon xx
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