lose_baby_weightOne of the best way to lose weight fast is to have a special event which helps you to get motivated. We’ve all had something we’ve had to go to, perhaps a school reunion, a party, a holiday, a christening or even our wedding day.
Remember how focused you were? How easy it was to say no to that extra helping because today was one day closer to that special/nerve wracking day?
So what makes the difference between that and, let’s say, just wanting to feel good and healthy? Why is it so hard to do something just for ourselves? It’s the million dollar question isn’t it? Whatever the answer it does give us some insight into the way our mind works.
We need goals and deadlines. We need to have lots of motivation. We need help that address’ what it is like to lose weight when you are a mum. And we need a support network. That’s why we started Lose Baby Weight, we are here to keep you honest, and to commiserate when you have a bad food day and to celebrate when you reach your goal weight
If you are married, your husband will be happy to know you don’t need another wedding day to get that pre baby body back, you just need a plan. Our 28 day diet & exercise plan keeps you on track and reminds you of your personal deadlines. It’s harder to say ‘oh I’ll restart tomorrow’ when you have a set and planned 28 days to follow
So make an effort to set up a plan to lose post pregnancy weight. Use our plan or your own, and convince yourself there is a big event coming up, and there is. It’s called living healthy for the rest of your life!
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