Motivating Mum Beth Henke shares how she keeps organised with Lose Baby Weight.

Hello Mummas!
Well here we are at the finish of the September 28 Day Challenge. There have been so many positive and motivating posts on the Facebook Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Private Support Group from mum’s who have been enjoying the meals, seeing results, loving their new habits, pushing themselves and generally getting back in touch with loving and liking themselves.
This is encouraging and inspiring for mums who didn’t do this challenge, or who are new to the group and even to those who have been around for a while. I’m pretty sure the team at Lose Baby Weight also have huge smiles on their faces when they see these posts.
Now not everyone has had ‘great losses’ or liked the meals, or been able to make the switch 100% but that is OK! And do you know why? Because you are at least trying. No one is perfect and no two people are the same. What works for some probably won’t work for others. What some people like, others may detest. But that is all part of it. You have to find what works for you, your family and most importantly, your body.
I’ll admit I have been lucky and since starting in mid June this year, I have had consistent weightloss. It hasn’t been easy though. I have had to work with my body to get there. The brilliance of this program is the variety, the variety in food and the variety in exercises. As the saying goes ‘variety is the spice of life’, this is so true for you and your body.
28 day plan
When we eat the same thing and do the same routine day in and day out our bodies become used to it and it doesn’t use the fuel to its full capacity and the exercises don’t have the same benefit. By mixing it up and keeping your body guessing, it will use what you give it and how you use it to it’s full power. I understand that for all of us busy mums time is of the essence, but it is still achievable if you want it. You just have to take the time to sit down and work out how you can do it.
For me, I meal plan on a Saturday night, write up my shopping list and go out on a Sunday either by myself or with the family and get it. When I get home, as I am unpacking, I prep things. I cut up a bag of carrots into sticks that I can have as snacks or grab to chop up further for cooking. I chop up things like celery, watermelon etc ready to go. I store strawberries washed, dried and in a tight lidded container so they last. Things like grapes are washed and put in an open bowl in the fridge. Our meat is weighed out and put in a freezer bag with the amount and put in the freezer. I do as much as I can prep wise to make meal cooking a lot easier when its time.
With exercise, I swap between the morning, after the kids have been fed and dressed and before kinder drop off. And then the afternoon after the twins sleep and lunch. Then we either walk my son to kinder or walk to pick him up depending on weather and what else is going on. Sometimes we do both ways. I never do the same thing two days in a row and I haven’t since I started.
If you haven’t done a challenge yet with Lose Baby Weight you have no doubt seen posts about how amazing the food is, and it’s the truth. They are tasty healthy meals and at times you will honestly question how something that tastes so good can be good for you. I encourage everyone to do at least one challenge even if it’s just so you know you are not alone, there are hundreds of mums doing it with you, eating the same and exercising the same. Some will do really well, some will struggle but there will always be someone to share in your highs and lows.
For myself and my family, the 28 Day challenges are added variety to our life. New recipes, new made over recipes of things we love to eat, new exercises and new training schedules. It never gets boring or dull. And if we are having a ‘tight’ week or I have stuff I need to use up I meal plan around it. Again, changing it up.
I have once again loved this challenge and loved seeing how supportive and motivating we all can be to one another. Being able to be a Motivating Mum through this challenge was a great experience and I hope I at least helped to inspire and motivate one mum.
To the Motivating Mums of October, have fun and enjoy!!
To the mums who haven’t joined a 28 Day Challenge, get on board for November!
To the Lose Baby Weight team, thank you, again, for being the Henke’s familiy’s life saver and best friend!
King Regards,
Beth Henke xoxo
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