healthy eating meal plansNikki Boswell, Nutritionist for the December 28 Day Challenge has provided her favourite tips to have a healthy summer body even when away from home:
If you are heading away on holidays over the festive season, here are some simple tips to help keep your fitness and nutrition in order no matter where you are:

  • Pack your joggers and workout gear – no excuses on this one; ditch the extra pair of heels and the hair straightener!
  • Pack a skipping rope – skipping ropes are the ultimate workout equipment for travelling; they are extremely portable and skipping is a fabulous exercise that can be done anywhere.
  • Access the Healthy Mummy Challenge Workouts – almost all hotels will provide you with free internet access, so log on to the Challenge Hub and get your workout on. Most of the exercises can be done anywhere and with limited equipment.
  • Scope out all the walk/run tracks before you go – a quick Google of your holiday destination can give you heaps of info on great places to get active while you are away.
  • swimming-womanPlan a bush walk, hike or tennis game – holidays are time for relaxing and enjoying yourself so plan some activities that are fun, relaxing and will burn a few calories.
  • Use the gym at the hotel – don’t be shy, even if you aren’t a regular gym user or you aren’t familiar with all the equipment; who cares?! – you’re on holidays and won’t see any of these people again so get in there and have a go.
  • Make the most of down time – holiday travel is filled with delays so try and find ways to keep your body moving during down time; find a flight of stairs to walk, grab a bit of wall for a wall sit, do some dips on the edge of a seat, take a walk rather than grab a coffee to kill time.
  • Don’t over eat – avoid mindless snacking while travelling by packing some healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruit. Sip on water rather than soft drink or coffee and fight the temptation to eat out of boredom.
  • Check your gym membership – may gym franchises will offer you access to their gyms all over the country.

Nikki Boswell, Nutritionist
healthy eating meal plans