At Lose Baby Weight, we get lots of questions on what are the best blenders to use to make the smoothies on the Lose Baby Weight Plans – and especially ones that don’t cost a small fortune!
It can be difficult to find a decent blender that does everything you want it to, but there are a few really good multi-purpose blenders out there for less than $100. Here’s our pick of the bunch and where to find them!

Kenwood 400 Watt Hand Blender

Available for $77.00 from
This mixer has a great range of attachments, making it an excellent multi-use blender. It comes with a balloon whisk attachment, hand blender attachment, stainless steel blades, a mixing beaker for blending drinks and a mini chopper for chopping veggies or making baby food.
It also comes with a storage case and all of the attachments are dishwasher safe. It has two speeds as well as a pulse setting, giving you plenty of options for preparing your food. The mini chopper attachment is probably one of the best things about this product, as it allows you to chop veggies with ease and similar items can cost upwards of $50, without any of the other attachments that this product comes with.

Maxim Wet and Dry Grinder Blender

Available for $28.00 from
This grinder may appear to just be a spice grinder, but it can do so much more than that. You can use it to grind spices and coffee beans, but you can also use it to chop fresh herbs, nuts and coarse sea salt. It can also puree baby food and whip cream – and you can use it to make quick and easy breadcrumbs and to blend smoothies.
It has a number of different speeds which you can choose to suit your purpose – switch it onto high for chopping and pureeing and low for chopping fresh herbs, blending milkshakes and whipping cream. As it only has a couple of moving parts, it’s also very easy to clean and because it’s so small, it will be super easy to store.

Sunbeam MultiBlender Pro Satin 800 Watt Blender

Available for $74.95 from
This blender is super versatile – in fact, it’s probably one of the most versatile blenders you could buy as it can chop and blend hundreds of food items with ease. It has an 800 watt motor, making it super powerful, and comes with a large jug with a capacity of 1.5 litres.
The jug is made from glass, too, which means that it won’t suck up flavour from the food in the same way that a plastic or metal jug might. It has three speeds, plus a pulse setting and you can easily remove the blades to properly clean the blender. It’s pretty stylish, too, so it could take pride of place on your worktop.

Sheffield Food Processor 14 Piece Multifunctional

Available for $79.95 from
This multifunctional blender has a huge range of attachments and is a blender and food processor in one. It’s really rather stylish too, perfect for displaying on your worktop.
It comes with loads of different attachments, including a shredding blade, slicing blade, mixing blade, chopping blade, citrus juicer, filtrating plate, whisking disc, fine slicing blade, fine shredding blade, spatula, measuring cup, mixing bowl and blending jug. It’s 500 watts, making it pretty powerful, with a 1.5 litre capacity jug and an 800ml capacity food processor.
The various attachments on the product are perfect for preparing all sorts of food items, including slicing vegetables for a salad, processing meat for a pie or blending fruit for a smoothie – one of these in your kitchen and you probably won’t need anything else.
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