Benefits of Tai ChiAlmost each and every new mum has tried in vain to find the answer to one nagging question, “how to lose baby weight?” With the multiple weight loss plans in the market today along with the various products that guarantee fast weight loss, it is indeed a daunting task for the new mums to finalise on a weight loss plan that will help her lose weight fast and in a healthy way.
As the experts in pregnancy weight loss, we offer expert designed fast weight loss plans for you that help you lose weight in a healthy way. Our weight loss plan comprises of exercises as well as diet advice. We also recommend you opt for our Healthy Mummy smoothies that offer the right nutrition and at the same time help you lose weight.
When it comes to exercises to lose weight fast, there is divided opinion about which exercises are ideal and safe for post pregnancy weight loss. Today Tai Chi is slowly gaining popularity as one of the best forms of exercises for fast weight loss. In fact it is even promoted as one of the best exercises for post pregnancy weight loss.
So if you are still unsure whether you as a new mum should opt for Tai Chi, here are some reasons that will help you understand why Tai Chi is ideal for your fast weight loss program:
Strengthens the Bones In Your Pelvic Region:
The pelvic region expands greatly during pregnancy and delivery. Tai Chi will help restrengthen these bones in your pelvic region. What is more, by doing Tai Chi regularly you will not only lose weight fast but you will also see your hips and waist shrink back to their pre-pregnancy size. Tai Chi will also strengthen and restraighten your lower spine thereby giving you a better posture.
Improves Your Digestive System:
Tai Chi plays a vital role in reducing your stomach bloating and gives you your flat stomach. The Tai Chi exercises also eliminate the food that might be stuck and built up in your intestines. This further shrinks the bulge in your lower stomach area. Thus, Tai Chi is extremely important for women who look to have their pre-pregnancy flat stomachs back.
Improves Your Blood Circulation:
Most mums on a weight loss plan complain that no matter what they do, the stomach bulge just refuses to go. The main reason for this is that the fat is accumulated on the outside of your internal organs. This is responsible for you having a large stomach.
Tai Chi helps improve your blood circulation which eliminates the unhealthy fat and reduces the size of your stomach.
Makes You Sweat:
Bloating in the body is caused when you retain water in your muscles, tissues, organs, etc. because you do not sweat enough. In Tai Chi you lose all the ‘fat’ under your arms and behind your legs and buttocks because you sweat out the water retention.
Massages Your Organs:
You will never look and feel fit unless you are healthy. Hence, we promote healthy weight loss. Our diets, be they our Healthy Mummy smoothies or our weight loss plans all help you lose weight in a healthy way. To achieve that shapely body it is also important that your organs function properly.
The breathing exercises in Tai Chi improve all your organs thereby enhancing your internal health and wellbeing. When your internal health is blossoming, fast weight loss becomes extremely easy to achieve.
Strengthens Abs and Builds Muscles:
Tai Chi exercises require your knees to always be bent, thereby firming the muscles behind your legs and buttocks. Your arms are also always moving, thus toning your underarms. And, as most Tai Chi exercises require you to rotate and twist, your abdominal muscles are strengthened.
Improves Your Emotional Wellbeing:
Tai Chi is a type of meditation. When doing the movements in Tai Chi, you are required to concentrate deeply, align your breath with every movement and focus your mind on the flow of Chi in and around your body. These movements help to relax and de-stress you.
Thus, Tai Chi really is the complete remedy for burning your post pregnancy weight, getting back your pre-baby body and at the same time attaining health and vitality.
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