The amazing Bell Griffiths Mum of 5 shares her Motivating Mum update for August and can’t wait for the next 28 Day Challenge starting September 1st 2014! Bell has lost over 11kg on our plans so far – well done Bell!

Well it’s been a tough couple of weeks.
We had two trips to Melbourne and back which is a 4 hour trip each way, and combine that with 5 kids in the car, it’s not fun.
One of the trips was for my brother’s 21st. I managed to avoid the alcohol but there was pizza for dinner and after 4 hours in the car I just wanted to eat! It left me feeling all bloated and greasy though, so it certainly reminded me that the food I eat now is much kinder to my body!
I also had mastitis. Funnily enough I’ve only had mastitis since feeding the twins. I was pretty sick for a few days which meant I was no longer in charge of the food, as my lovely hubby took over.
I also had a visit from aunt flow, which always results in about a 1kg gain for me in fluid retention.
So after these road bumps, I ended up having quite a gain this week which was very disappointing. But it gave me a chance to sit and reflect on my week. I know that this weight is going to take a long time to come off, and I know that there will be bad days along the way.
But I’m also aware I need to make sure I’m not sabotaging myself and that I’m not making excuses to make the same bad choices that lead me to be here. When I get to my goal weight (I have lost 11kg so far with Lose Baby Weight plans) I don’t want to be worried that I won’t be able to help myself for every occasion.
Right now I’m still learning the right way to eat. I’m still making mistakes and that’s ok, as long as I learn from them. I know I have the support of the great people on the Facebook Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight Private Support Group to keep me going and I’ve gone back to a simple Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast to make mornings easier.
I’ve re-signed for the next 28 Day Challenge because I LOVED the Winter Challenge and found the recipes so easy to follow, and by using the subscription model I get access to all the winter challenge recipes which I’ve been continuing to make for dinners and some lunches! I’m really excited about the next challenge and all the amazing recipes we will get with it!
So now I just need to keep going and hope for a nice loss next week!
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