Motivating Mum of 5, Bell Griffiths shares her update on how she got back into her favourite jeans with Lose Baby Weight!

Halfway mark! I am feeling really special to be a Motivating Mum at such an awesome time! Doing the 28 Day Winter Weight Loss Challenge has been a huge motivation for me as well as being a motivating mum!!
The meals have been amazing! I have been so impressed with the meal plans, normally I get to a point where I don’t know what to cook and just get take out instead but these have been so delicious I’m actually hanging out to cook the next meal!
I had a 1.5kg loss the first week, although this week I didn’t lose (the dreaded ‘time of the month’ fluid retention hit me!) I didn’t gain which normally this time of the month I’d gain at least 1kg so I take that as a loss too!
I am really loving all the support and sharing on the Facebook Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Private support group too, the women in there are an amazing inspiration to me! I love sharing my progress with women that understand what it’s like to be pleased to fit into their jeans again!
Speaking of jeans, a month ago I took a photo of some jeans I hoped to fit back into. Two weeks later I took a progress pic and now I have taken a final progress pic and they fit! I’ve been pretty happy with that!
Im looking forward to the remainder of the month being just as awesome as the first half!!
Bell Griffiths
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