Hi all,
I am a mum to three wonderful children.  The oldest 4, midldle 2 and youngest 7 months.
Okay, So I was up late feeding my new born baby and was getting my nightly ( middle of the night 3am) Facebook fix when I saw Lose Baby Weight. Each night for about a month I would read weight loss story after weight loss story about all the mums succeeding in their weight loss journey.
I literally had that light bulb moment after reading one very heart felt story.  I knew that i was ready to change my life.


First step I ordered the start up package and I started to make all the changes to my eating habits and diet. The simplicity to the 28 day plan suited me.
I would print out the shopping list and stick to it so I could avoid temptation while shopping.   With the help of the portion control plate and my Lose Baby Weight calorie bible I started to lose the kilos.(i take the calorie bible every where).
These tools really made me understand how much and what i should be eating.  It made me realise just how much I had been over eating.  I  was at a point where i needed to be educated again on how important it is to have a healthy diet.
Every time I feel I’m going to slip I get out my calorie bible and continue to count calories this really helps me stay on track.  OMG the food is amazing I love the asian flavours and all the chilli.   I  was beyond excited when the spring/summer cookbook was released.  Mediterranean haloumi salad yum!!!  I have made it a goal for December that i will do the three day cleanse.
Second step was fitness,  I was advised by my obstetrician that i should see a physio as I have  Diastasis Recti. Stupidly I ignored  this…  While reading your exersise Introduction I realised the importance of abdominal seperation.
I was extremely lucky that at the time a friend mentioned to me that she knew a personal trainer that specialised in post natal fitness . I contacted her and her advise was exactly what you had printed in your 28 day plan.  She referred me to a physio before she could train me.
The physio confirmed I had diastasis recti. Three finger separation and pelvic floor dysfunction.  Pleased to say that working closely  with my trainer and using your exercises I have managed to repair my separation to a one finger gap and my pelvic floor is improving.  I purchased the post pregnancy dvd and i love it.  Lisa, in the DVD, is amazing.  My trainer and physio give the DVD, the big thumbs up.     .
Since starting your plans i have had many highs and I’m only half way…   The biggest,  my mind set of staying positive and enjoying feeling healthy.  I love bouncing out of bed, the old me would wake up exhausted from a poor night sleep and the feeling of being weighed down from guilt because i was so over weight and unhealthy.
You have also taught me to set personal goals which has made me motivated and stay focused.  But there  is no bigger motivation  than your children!!!  The other day Mr 4 walks past me and puts his hand on my tummy and said “mummy your tummy is much smaller” that definitely gives you the motivation to keep pushing yourself.
The summer challenge was great, I really stepped up and worked hard  going to be sad when its over. And I can’t wait for the new Challenge starting on Jan 1
I am excited to continue my weight loss and reach my goal weight and I have now gone from 80kg to 65kg which is a total of 15kg!!
A huge high five to the LBW team.  You guys are amazing.
Belinda. Xx
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