Hi Lose Baby Weight,
I would like to share my weight loss story after being on the Lose Baby Weight plans.
When I gave birth to my second daughter 12 weeks ago, the day before I went into labour I weighed myself and was 82kg
Before getting pregnant I was 67kg so I had put on a normal 15kg. Now 17 weeks later I am down to 69 kg. Ideally I would like to be 64kg so I have 5 kg to go but I am happy with the 13kg weight loss.
I bought the Healthy Mummy smoothie vanilla after a friend recommended.
Having the smoothies daily was a great way to get fruit and calcium in my diet as well as the vitamins and minerals and protein from the smoothie mix.
It has also meant that I do not have to organise a healthy lunch which can be tricky with time being so precious.
I have also made sure I have fresh fruit on hand and veg cut up in the fridge. Each night we have a large salad or steamed veg with either fish, chicken or red meat whether that be in the form of stirfry, veggie bake, salmon patties or just steamed veg.
I have also made a few batches of the museli slice from Lose Baby Weight and have made my own sweets such as banana bread with applesauce and mashed bananas instead of butter. I also walk 3 times a week about 8km each time and have started boot camp for an hour once a week.
I feel healthy, am getting more toned and am handling the challenges of mother hood better than I would if I didn’t eat well and exercise.
Thanks for all the tips and motivation from seeing other mums achieve their goals!
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.
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