‘Hi Lose Baby Weight,
I just wanted to share my story of how I lost 25 KILOGRAMS of my baby weight, going from 80kg to 55kg.
I first got onto the Healthy Mummy Smoothies through a friend who had told me that they may help with my milk supply. My baby was born a big boy at 9lb 2 on May 28th 2012. After four months though my milk supply started to dwindle and my poor baby dropped below the graph for his weight and I had to give him formula top ups.
I started having the Healthy Mummy Smoothies in November 2012 for breakfast. They worked really well because I was so busy with him and my daughter that I didn’t always have time for breakfast. The first surprise was that they tasted so great and gave me the energy I needed.
Within a day I found my son was feeding for longer. The healthy mummy smoothies REALLY did help my supply and he started gaining weight. I, on the other hand, lost half a kilo in that first week. This really motivated me so I ordered all the flavours and followed a plan, plus I signed up for the FREE member tracking area.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
I would have a chocolate smoothie with a shot of expressed coffee in it in the morning for breakfast and a strawberry shake with fresh strawberries and yoghurt that I froze the night before as milkshake for lunch. They are so filling that I only needed small fruit snacks in between and a healthy dinner.
Slowly I added exercise into my day, first by just doing sit ups while watching TV instead of just sitting on the lounge. I then added exercises from the Lose Baby Weight website which I could do in my lounge room without an expensive gym membership. I really wanted to lose weight but thought I couldn’t while breastfeeding, thinking my baby would suffer. The healthy mummy smoothies are are a lifesaver and my son is now just below average for his weight.
Without the smoothies, plans and exercises, I would not have lost weight so quickly and I don’t think my milk supply would have been boosted. I am so happy and always recommend Lose Baby Weight. I still have the smoothies when I don’t have time to eat and in the mornings to help milk supply.
Thanks Lose Baby Weight!’
Becca Lord
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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