Whenever someone asks me the best way to lose weight or is just trying to tone up (or lose stomach fat) we always advise to throw out the junk food from your house as in moments of weakness you will crumble. And I speak from experience on this and from speaking from many many women who will end up eating the chocolate/cake/lollies if they have them at home no matter how good their intentions are.
I will give you an example of when I did this over Christmas. Firstly I very very rarely buy anything like cakes or desserts, but as it was Christmas I thought I would get a Vienetta for a treat. I LOVE Vienetta. It is my all time favourite dessert type food so as soon as it was in my freezer I was excited and it was in the back of my mind.
It got into my freezer on Christmas Eve morning and I must have thought about it at least every hour to hour and a half and at lunch time I caved. I thought I will just have a little sliver. So I did. Then an hour later a little sliver more and so on.
On Christmas day, my hubby went to get the Vienetta out of the fridge and there was only a tiny bit left. So I had eaten – sliver by sliver- 85% of a whole Vienetta in under 24 hours ALL BY MYSELF.  Now if I had not bought the Vienetta I wouldn’t have eaten it – as simple as that.

So due to my over indulgence my exercise was upped over the next few days and I took more care about what I ate.  But I know myself and I know that if my house was full of chocolate or cakes or lollies that I would end up eating them so I quite simply don’t buy them and instead buy healthy foods like fruit, veggies, nuts and yoghurts to snack on and this is how a) I lost my baby weight and b) kept it off – with a little help from the Lose Baby Weight plans of course and c) have lots of energy to lead my busy life.
So ladies, have a cupboard clean out and do yourself a favour – don’t buy junk food for you or your family and vow to have a healthy kitchen in 2012 so that you are not tempted to eat bad foods. You can see our tips on what foods to stock up here.