By Jillian Piza
post_baby_exerciseWearing your baby in a sling, wrap or carrier can be rewarding for both of you! Most babies love being worn, and the freedom of baby wearing means you can get out of the house for a brisk walk –the perfect exercise for new mothers wanting to lose their pregnancy weight or following the Lose Baby Weight plans.
There are some great benefits to wearing your baby while you walk. First of all, you’re carrying extra kilos, so you’ll burn more calories. The challenge will even increase as your baby grows! Second, research suggests that wearing your baby can reduce crying – what a bonus!
Finally, you and baby will get some sunshine and fresh air. Not only will this refresh you both, studies have shown that getting some natural light will help both of you sleep better at night and help baby adapt to the day/night cycle.

Top tips to get for baby wearing

–        Use the right carrier for the job. There are hundreds of different types to choose from, and not all are suitable for wearing a baby while exercising. Select a carrier that has broad, sturdy straps over both shoulders and moves naturally when you do. Find a baby wearing group in your area or look for reviews online to find one to suit you. We love the Babes in Arms Site.
–        Wear your baby with his weight spread evenly near your centre of gravity. This will prevent sore muscles and injuries.
–        Dress yourself and your baby appropriately. Wear layers you can remove – between walking and wearing a baby, you’re likely to get warm fast. Your baby will be quite toasty held against you too, and can overheat easily if she’s overdressed.
–        Choose a sensible walking route. Parks with wide, smooth paths or well-maintained footpaths lower the risk of slipping. And don’t wander too far from home without packing all of the usual extras you need for an outing.
–        Be sun smart. Babies are at high risk of permanent skin damage and shouldn’t wear sunscreen until they’re at least six months old. Be sure to dress your baby in a hat, sunglasses and long sleeves to protect him – and wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses yourself. If you’re having trouble finding sun protection for your little one, try the Cancer Council.
Combined with a healthy diet including nutritious snacks like the Healthy Mummy smoothies, a walk with your baby in a sling can give you great weight loss and fitness results. And you won’t even need a babysitter!
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe in breastfeeding

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