Having a baby is a time of excitement, preparation, and for some women – anxiety.
There is SO MUCH stuff for sale that you can feel overwhelmed about what you actually do need.
healthy_foodSo if you want to avoid hyperventilating in the corner of the baby store at 8 months pregnant when you realise you don’t know what a nipple shield is (don’t worry, not as scary as it sounds), check out our list (and you can download it here).
This covers what you really need to have, as well as what is nice to have (but not essential).

Things you need to have

Bassinet, mattress, sheets, blankets and mattress protectors
When your baby first comes home, you can either put them straight into the cot or use a bassinet first which is a smaller basket-style bed. Some have wheels which are great for moving baby from the lounge room to your room.
The mattresses are available at baby stores – it is great if you can afford to get two in case bub wets one, so you can wash and dry one in the sun while you use the spare. You can usually just use the blankets that you plan to use for the cot folded up a few more times.
Cot, mattress, cot sheets, blankets and mattress protectors
Once bub gets a bit bigger you can move them into a cot, either in your room or in their own room. You will need a few sheets and blankets as there is a good chance your baby might poo on, spew on or wet their bed quite often (or a combination of all three if you’re lucky).
Muslin wraps
These have lots of uses, but mostly they are used to wrap/swaddle baby if they like sleeping that way. Don’t worry, they will let you know if they prefer to be unwrapped.
Wraps are also good as a light covering for baby in a capsule instead of a blanket; mopping up car vomit; or as a cover for yourself if you need to breastfeed in public and want a bit of privacy.
healthy_eatingCloth nappies for burp cloths
Some babies are spewers, some just burp, and some do random projectile vomits. To be safe it’s a good idea to get some burp cloths for your shoulder for when you’re burping your babe. The square towelling nappies are the perfect size. They are also great for mopping up all manner of spills around the house, FYI.
Bottles, teats, bottle brush, formula (if using)
Even if you are breastfeeding you might decide to have some bottles on hand so that you can either express milk or use some formula (for instance if you have to go out for some reason, or you get sick).
Baby lotion
Keep that baby soft skin super smooth with some natural lotion. The Moo Goo brand is a good one that is made in Australia from all natural ingredients. Some babies really love the feeling of light massage after a bath, and it can help to relax them before bed.
Bath wash
When baby is ready for a bath it’s nice to have some baby friendly bath wash to add to the warm water. Find one you like the smell of – they say lavender can help them sleep better.
Cotton buds
Great for cleaning the area around the baby’s healing belly button or wiping around their eyes and nose. Avoid using in their ears.
Face washers and towels
Babies don’t need special towels or face washers, so if you already have some at home there’s no need to buy more.
Grab one box of newborn nappies, and one in the next size up, and see how you go. Some larger babies outgrow the newborn nappies quite quickly so you don’t want to end up with too many.
Wipes and nappy bags
Besides cleaning cute bottoms, wipes are also handy for mopping up spills, cleaning TV and computer screens, and for a mad-dash bathroom sink clean when visitors arrive. The nappy bags are for putting dirty nappies in before you put them in the rubbish.
Nappy rash cream
Little bottoms can get red and sore from being in nappies all day, so slather on some nappy rash cream such as paw paw lotion or Sudocrem.
Change table
You will be spending a lot of time here, so ensure it is a comfortable height for you so that you don’t have to be bent over too much. Some people prefer to just put a foam change mat on top of a set of drawers to save space.
healthy_eatingOnesies, socks and singlets
Babies don’t need much, and you will be given loads of cute outfits once bub arrives. Try to have around 5 of each so that you have plenty of outfits without stressing about washing.
Depending on the season, grab a beanie to keep them warm, or a sunhat to protect their skin from the sun.
Great for dribbly or spewy babies, you will of course need plenty of these once baby starts solids later on. 
If you plan on saving your sanity, you will need to leave the house from time to time. Even if you just walk to the shops for a loaf of bread or a coffee, it can be enough to help you clear your head after a long night with a newborn.
A pram is also a great way to get an unsettled baby to sleep, as they seem to like the combination of fresh air and the rocking motion.
Talk to friends about their prams, and head in to a baby shop to take one for a spin. Another great tip? Make sure the folded up pram fits into the boot of your car – some of them are quite large.
Rain cover for pram
You might find yourself caught out in the rain, or just so desperate for caffeine that you decide to head out in the drizzle anyway.
These plastic covers are made to fit specific brands of prams – these are written on the packaging.

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Baby capsule or convertible car seat
You can buy these, or you can hire a baby capsule from some hospitals. There are also baby hire companies that allow you to hire it and they will bring it to you and install it for you before baby arrives.
Many councils also offer an installation service, so check their website for details.
As an alternative, you might choose to buy a convertible car seat that your child can use from birth to 4 years. Some people like the capsule as it means they can clip the baby in and out of the car without waking them up. You can also buy an attachment for some prams so that the capsule can clip onto it.
Car window shade
Keep the sun off that sensitive newborn skin when you’re out in the car.
Nappy bag
This will be your best friend and you will not leave home without it. Keep it well stocked with nappy changing equipment, feeding supplies, water and snacks for you, and spare clothes (hot tip – include a spare top for you too!).
Changing mat
Keep this in your nappy bag to change bub’s nappy when you’re out and about.
healthy_eatingMaternity bras
Sure they’re not the most attractive underwear you will ever buy, but these bras are super handy as you can quickly unclip them to feed.
Healthy Mummy Smoothie
For a quick breakfast when you are dog-tired, a smoothie is a great option. Our Healthy Mummy Smoothie is designed specifically for new mums. It is packed with nutrients to support breastfeeding and give you energy after bub arrives. Plus they taste fantastic. Find out how you can get 25% off our smoothies for life here.
Nipple cream
Some women find that their nipples get quite red and sore when they start breastfeeding. It’s a good idea to keep some cream on hand so that you can get some relief.
Breast pads
Your breasts may leak milk, either a little or a lot. Keep your clothes dry with some disposable or washable breast pads to pop in your bra.
Sanitary pads
You will need to wear these for anywhere up to 6-8 weeks so grab a few packs to be sure.

Water bottle
Breastfeeding is thirsty work, and you’ll need to ensure you are well hydrated to help support your milk supply. Keep a water bottle on hand and be sure to have it next to you while you are feeding (and the remote, your phone, and a snack!). 
Ear thermometer
This will give you some peace of mind when you think baby might have a fever.
To store those teeny weeny cute outfits.
Baby paracetamol
You never know when you will need this, so keep it on hand.
Baby nail clippers
Those little nails get long fast, and soon they can even start accidentally leaving scratches on their own beautiful face. Trim those nails with baby friendly clippers that you can get from the chemist or baby store. 

Things that are nice to have

  • Baby bath – you can grab a baby bath if you have space for it, but you can also use your regular bath, the kitchen sink, or the laundry tub. A bath seat is another nice to have option as this allows baby to lie comfortably in the water keeping your hands free for squeezing those beautiful baby cheeks.
  • Baby capsule attachment for pram – some prams have an attachment so you can hook the capsule on, meaning you can transfer a sleeping babe from the car into the pram without needing to get them out.
  • Baby monitor – depending how far away baby will be you might like to have a monitor (some brands sell a thermometer and monitor all in one). It’s also nice peace of mind for when you want to take a shower or hang washing out – you can take the monitor with you to keep an ear out for any cries.
  • Baby rocker – sometimes baby might just want to chill out on a rocker for a while, and some even come with a comforting vibrating option.
  • Breast pump – if you want to you can pump some milk to use in bottles so that your baby’s dad or someone else can feed them while you grab a nap; or for when you and your partner decide you want to venture out into the wild world for a coffee or dinner and leave your little one with a babysitter.
  • Car mirror – you will spend some time with baby facing the rear and you might be driving along wondering if they are asleep or not. By attaching one of these mirrors to the headrest above your baby’s seat you can peek at them just by looking in your rearview mirror.
  • Dummies – some babies are soothed by a dummy, some don’t like them. You could have one or two to hand in case your baby is very unhappy as it’s nice to have something you can try.
  • Feeding pillow – these help prop baby up and get them to perfect feeding height. You can also use a regular pillow but the feeding pillows are a bit firmer and some are shaped to fit around your body comfortably.
  • Floor play mat – great for tummy time and also many babies love lying on their back and looking up at the toys hanging down.
  • Nipple shields – some women experience pain when breastfeeding and these can help give some relief while allowing the milk to flow through.
  • Rocking/feeding chair – if you have the space it’s nice to have a really comfortable spot to feed your little one (you will be doing that a lot, at least at first). A sofa with cushions is also perfectly fine.
  • Room thermometer – see whether you need a heater or fan on by having a thermometer in baby’s room.
  • Sling or carrier – getting out and about with a little one and having your hands free at the same time is an option if you get yourself a carrier. There are tons of brands so try them on and see what works for you.
  • Steriliser – you will only need this if you are using bottles regularly. If you only need bottles a couple of times you can just use a big pot of boiling water to do the same job.
  • Swaddles or wraps – once baby gets a little bigger they will be able to bust out of their muslin wraps when they go to bed. You can get some little zip up swaddles that do the same job but aren’t able to be undone by little legs.
  • Travel cot – a good option for when you visit the grandparents, a travel cot allows you to take your baby’s sheets and blankets along so they feel at home.

Click here to download the list as a PDF.

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