Ashley Woolley has lost an amazing 6kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum for December.
“I am currently doing the November 28 Day Challenge and I am so impressed with it. I have swapped a few of the meals with meals from previous 28 Day challenges, the customisable tool is so perfect. Even my kids love the meals and I absolutely recommend to other mums!”

Hi! My name is Ashley and I’ve been chosen as a Motivating Mum for December!!
I’m 27, married and mum to my beautiful children Oden (7) and Freja (6). I’m also a fulltime parent to my step daughter Cheyenne (18). I own a business with my husband and also work at after school care at my children’s school. I can’t wait to share my weight loss adventure with you all!

I’ve always been a curvy girl and had no issue with it. But since having kids it was definitely more than I was comfortable with. I’ve tried fad diets and half heartened attempts to get fitter. It would result in a couple of kilos loss but within weeks I’d be back swimming in a bath of hot chips and gravy and sitting on my butt any chance I got.

About 2 months ago my amazing best friend added me to this Support Group and the rest is history as they say! I started by just making better choices and making small changes. I dramatically reduced my soft drink intake (my biggest weakness) and adding more veggies and salad to meals.
Takeaway used to be multiple times a week – all the bad things –  I used the ‘too busy’ excuse. But we rarely get takeaway now and my waistline (and wallet!) are much happier for it. The Lose Baby Weight meals are so great for time poor mums, I am loving the inspiration I get from the website! I am addicted to the Lose Baby Weight DVD, having it broken up into segments is amazing. I have some hilarious movies of my 6 y/o copying my moves! My favourite part of Lose Baby Weight would have to be the closed FB group. The inspiration and motivation from the gorgeous ladies on there is just mind blowing!
I have lost nearly 6kgs since I started and a crazy amount of centimetres (I wish I had measured myself before at the beginning). If I get stressed out, have period cramps, have a bad day etc instead of turning to chocolate I do some of the Lose Baby Weight DVD or jump on the cross trainer. I am loving having more energy and being a better role model for my amazing babies. Even my husband had noticed a difference, not only in my weight but in my attitude. He started off being so shocked when I said no to crappy food. Now he just expects it, he realises how serious and committed I am.
I am currently doing the November 28 Day Challenge and I am so impressed with it. I have swapped a few of the meals with meals from previous challenges, the customisable tool is so perfect. Even my kids love the meals and I absolutely recommend to other mums!

My first goal was to be back in double digits. I haven’t seen that for over a year now. I’ve only got 700grams to go and I cannot wait!! My next goal is 90kgs. After that I am going to concentrate more on getting fit. I would love to be able to go for a jog without feeling like I am going to hyperventilate after 20 seconds! I am already more fit than I have probably ever been in my life. The business I own consists of fairly physical work. So although it hasn’t contributed too much to my weight loss, it has definitely provided the opportunity to get stronger!

There’s no point trying to lose weight if your heart isn’t in it. You need to be committed to making the right choices about what goes into your body and also committed to exercising. It doesn’t have to be major, I started off walking more – I got a FitBit and found it to be a great motivator.
One of my biggest hurdles has probably been resisting bad foods after a long work day when I am too tired to move. I am now able to say no basically every time, or I have my 2 pieces of dark chocolate and stop there. My new way of life is definitely rubbing off on my husband. He almost never buys soft drink now, if he is craving something naughty he buys a bottle of iced tea!
Our cupboard is no longer full of biscuits and chips. Instead it is almonds, chia seeds, quinoa, coconut oil – all delicious things that fuel our body.

I am looking forward to the future and all it entails, especially looking in the mirror and loving what I see! My confidence is increasing now but I can’t wait to the day that my self esteem is huge! Bring on December and all the amazing things the Lose Baby Weight program has in store for us!!!!!!
Ashley Woolley
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