‘It took me until my daughter was almost 17 months to finally get motivated to lose my baby weight.
I was 8kg above my ideal weight when I first found out I was pregnant in February 2011, and that only increased during the pregnancy.
After my daughter’s birth I weighed in at 67.3kg which was 12.3kg over the weight I would have liked to be at.
In January I bought the Lose Baby Weight products and my partner and I both made a New Year’s resolution to lose the weight and keep it off.
Again I didn’t have the motivation.
Finally at Easter this year I found the motivation to lose the weight.


I started having at least one healthy mummy smoothie every day, being more active with my daughter, and cutting down my sugar intake.

I have a massive sweet tooth and sweets are my weakness, but I started putting just one sugar in my tea, and if I craved a chocolate I would just make myself a chocolate smoothie.
I cooked the recipes and lowered my carbohydrate intake at night.
In 6 weeks I have lost 9.7kg and am only 2.3kg from my goal weight.
I am approximately 6kg lighter than my pre baby weight and I’m feeling fantastic.
I love the smoothies and the motivation that Lose Baby Weight provides.
My partner and I both love the dinners and snacks.
Thank you so much.’
– Ashley Fox
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