Ashlee Petroff has been using our weight loss plans since June this year and is now one of our amazing Motivating Mums
Today Ashlee shares her amazing weight loss results from using the 28 Day Challenge over September and didn’t Ashlee do well!

Ashlee’s Review

At the beginning of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge my goal was to be in the 60’s by the end.
28 days later, lots of fabulous recipes more than half will now be a regular in my house.
I have a lot more energy through my days which is exactly what I need with three boys 5 and under.

I’ve lost 4.1kg using the September 28 Day Challenge. Over 15cm all together from my body!! Yay!!!!! I’m now 69kg.

I love that I can repeat round 1 and 2 while I wait for round 3 to begin.

I now look forward to each day, looking in mirrors, preparing my own healthy meals that take no longer than 10min to prepare, and most of all I look forward to waking up each day and knowing that I’m not going to let my weight depress me anymore
Thank you Rhian and your amazing team xo
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