Motivating Mum Ash Petroff has lost over an incredible 20kgs with Lose Baby Weight and talks about the reality of our bodies.

I wanted to spend some time in this blog talking about the reality of our bodies.
All around us in magazines or on TV we see beautiful women who give birth and their bodies snap back instantly.
We then put this in the back of our minds, and after we give birth and our bodies don’t snap back we are left feeling disappointed.
The reality is giving birth to our children changes our bodies in every single way.
Hips can get wider, breast resemble deflated balloons, our bodies become the road map of stretch marks.
When we lose weight it’s the same thing, thinking that our bodies will be “perfect”.
I’ve lost over 20kg and in the 5months it took, I had to realise that my body was never going to resemble my 18yo self.
I’m a 28yo mother of three boys, I wasn’t a teenager anymore, I have stretch marks, pancakes as breasts and my stomach was never going to be the same…… And that’s ok.
I had to learn to love the new me stretch marks and all. I’m proud I’ve lost 20kg+, I’m proud as a women that I got to experience my three beautiful children growing inside me, stretch marks that remind me of my babies.
We are mothers and we should be proud and grateful that our bodies can grow a human life inside us…. Embrace and love the changes in your body.
Ash Petroff
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