Motivating Mum Ash Petroff has lost over an amazing 20kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her tips about TIME. You can see Ash’s progress here.

I wanted to finish off December with a blog about TIME
With kids on school holidays and the Christmas rush things can become very hectic. Time goes by very quick and we often to forget to make that time for ourselves.
It doesn’t have to be an hour, 30minutes but can take as quick as 10minutes to squeeze in a great workout.
With my youngest teething atm time is varied and I’ve had to learn that “you squeeze in exercise when ever you can, baby asleep or awake”
My 16month old loves “playing on” mummy when I exercise lol safely of coarse. Involving the kids can be great fun for you and your kids. It doesn’t have to be a set out routine, it can be as little as getting up and running outside chasing the kids.
Spending less time on the couch and more time on your feet being active is what counts. Not only does that mean we get our exercise in but we also set a great example for our children.
This is another reason I love the Lose Baby Weight DVD, because it’s broken up into small sections it’s easy to squeeze in two segments when I can AND THE KIDS LOVE TO DO IT TOO!!!!
Don’t use time as an excuse, get up, get moving and make that time to better yourself because YOUR WORTH IT EVERY TIME xx
Ash Petroff
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