weight_lossFor many of us, the first steps to beginning a weight loss journey are the hardest.
Old habits can be hard to break, but once you get the ball rolling and are seeing some positive changes, it can be easier to stay motivated.
But what if you’re not seeing the results you had hoped for?
What can you do to ramp up your weight loss so that you almost look forward to jumping on the scales to see how far you’ve come?
We’ve come up with some tips to overcome some of the things that many of us are guilty of doing, either consciously or unconsciously.

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‘I’ve cooked this lovely meal for my partner and I, so I will just divide it in half and serve it up’

This is a very common mistake that people make. We don’t always think about it, but unless you are the same weight, height and body shape as your partner (doubtful) you shouldn’t be eating the same size meals. Typically a man will be larger than a woman (very generally speaking) and would need to consume more calories than the woman to remain at their current weight.
So if you are eating the same amounts of food as your partner, you are over-consuming calories. Try to reduce your portion size by around a third of a man’s size. You can always add extra salad or veggies if you need a little more to fill up.

‘I’ve just always used this nice dinner set to serve our meals’

Using smaller bowls and plates can really make a difference in how much food we consume. Often you won’t even feel as though you are missing out, even though you may have reduced your food intake by around 20-25%.
A lot of the satisfaction from food comes from finishing what’s on your plate – so reduce the size of the plate and you could be reducing the size of you as well.

‘My husband goes to the gym after work 3x per week, but I just don’t have the time to exercise.’

You have to make time. It’s as simple as that. If your husband has arranged that he will be going to the gym after work 3x per week, why can’t you say that you will be going out to exercise on the other 2 days? Is there a friend or neighbour that you could ask to babysit even once per week so that you can go to an exercise class or a swimming pool? Another great idea is to do a babysitting swap with a friend who has kids too – so you mind her child while she does some exercise, and then she minds yours while you go.

‘I’ve had a tough day so I’ll take the bigger slice’

Do you ever do this? Serving up a special treat that you’ve made, you notice there is one piece bigger than the rest. You casually pop it on your own plate, thinking ‘I’ve earned this, I made it and I’ve had a tough day.’ But if this is happening on a regular basis, it could be a habit that needs to be stopped. Just realising that you are doing it could be enough to help you stop.

‘I don’t particularly want mashed potato but that’s what my family like to eat’

No one wants to make two separate dinners for themselves and their family. But if you have a group of fussy eaters, or a partner that wouldn’t let a salad leaf touch their lips, what do you do? Get organised, that’s what.
At the start of the week, pre-chop a lot of salad and keep it in the fridge for you to make a quick side dish for yourself. Or prepare a cous cous and vegetable salad that again you can keep on hand for your own side dish.
Encourage your family to get on board with your healthy eating plan, try new things together, and ask them for healthy suggestions that you can all enjoy.

‘I can’t stand to see that chicken go to waste, so I’ll just quickly eat it’

Many a mummy is guilty of eating off a little person’s plate. Often it is just a matter of not wanting good food to go to waste (especially if you spent time making it, only to have it tipped on the floor). Throughout the day, that extra piece of toast, the 3 spoonfuls of pasta, the rice cracker and the half-eaten cheese stick can really add up to extra calories that you don’t need.
A good way to think of it is to say to yourself ‘I am not a rubbish bin for my child’s leftovers, so I will put them in the bin where they belong.’ Of course if you think your child may eat it later, wrap it up and put it away before you are tempted. If you make it a rule to NEVER eat from your children’s leftovers it may make it easier not to even let it be an issue. You have your daily meal plan, so just stick with that.

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