weight_loss_scalesOne of the hardest parts in making the decision to start your weight loss plan is stepping on the scales. In can be daunting to say the least to step on the scales and the numbers that flash up can send you into a tail spin.
It may well have been 6 months to 12 months since you weighed yourself last and even though you have haven’t been consciously following a diet and maybe have even been trying to follow some healthy eating practices you know your body is still carrying extra kilos – but seeing what the number actually is a lot more confronting and depressing than just ‘knowing’ you have some extra kilos.

It is without doubt a brave step to take when you step back on the scales but see it as a step in the right direction as once you know how much you are weighing in at you have a weight to compare your loss with each week.
No matter how hideous you think that number is – you can write it down and look at it and know that each week it will be decreasing.
I have lots of emails from mums who delay and delay taking that first step as they are petrified of the number and many get really depressed at the initial stage when they see how much they now weigh but on the flip side once the hard bit is done and you get over the shock you can then focus your mind and ‘attack the fat’ and be really motivated to get on a weight loss plan that is going to work for you and each week look forward to your weigh in to see yourself getting results.
It is also important to weigh yourself every couple of weeks once you have lost your weight as this keeps your weight in check and keeps you in control of your weight at all times. This is really important as then there will never be a time of your weight spiralling out of control where you suddenly gain 5kg. If you gain 1kg you can do something about it before it becomes a problem.
So see the scales as an ally in your health and weight loss and take that first step, be brave and record your numbers – and each week celebrate as they go down – just not with food 🙂
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