Once upon a time in Melbourne, Victoria, there was a chick called Annette who was deeply unhappy with the unhealthy lifestyle she was leading, but didn’t know what to do about it. She had just had her second baby in January 2014 and was still weighing just under 91kgs in June.
Lose Baby Weight -20kg Loss

* Above: Annette has lost 20kgs* with Lose Baby Weight

One day she was meant to be working on her computer, but instead found herself scrolling through Facebook while eating chocolate, when she came across an advertisement for a company called ‘Lose Baby Weight’.
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Annette thought it was way too good to be true, but she joined the group anyway and became a silent stalker of the page.
There were so many incredible success stories that she was inspired to give it a go. She joined the very first Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Challenge, became obsessed with the Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix and began a long-lasting love affair with the Sneaky Snickers Smoothie. But, for some reason her online life just did not feel complete….
Far across the great Australian land there was another chick called Tyarna, who was an unhappy and self conscious woman. She had been extremely overweight her entire adult life and decided one day, on a whim, to sign up to the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Challenge.
She ordered her very first lot of smoothie mix after seeing an ad pop up on Facebook.  That day was the beginning of something beautiful and truly life changing.
Lose Baby Weight-25kg loss

*Above: Tyarna has lost 25kgs* with Lose Baby Weight

Tyarna had been a part of the Lose Baby Weight Facebook Support Group since the day she discovered LBW and had been seeing posts from some random chick called Annette on a regular basis.
She was encouraging and motivating, so nine months into her new life and 25kgs down Tyarna decided to step outside her comfort zone and do something completely unlike her.
She sent Annette a PM. From that one little message a great friendship was born.
Tyarna and Annette have formed an incredible online friendship.
healthy eating meal plans
They have not met in person, but there isn’t a single day that they don’t speak. They encourage and motivate each other. They’re the honesty the other one needs when others would think their emotions are too precious, especially concerning weightloss.
And to top it off, each finds the other absolutely hilarious. Only a good friend can laugh at someone’s terrible, lame jokes!!
Not only have Tyarna and Annette lost 45kgs* between them, but they’ve each found and made some amazing friends all thanks to Lose Baby Weight.
Now they’re ready to join forces and motivate and inspire you and each other as much as they can this Feb Friendzy.
Get excited ladies. It’s going to be an AMAZING month!!!!!
Annette & Tyarna xx
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