Hello lovely ladies!!
I am so excited that I get to be one of your motivating mums for the amazing May Belly Buster Challenge! I have lost 16kg with Lose Baby Weight.
Lose baby Weight-16kg Loss
If I’m going to be completely honest, I’ve had a really up and down weight loss journey over the last 9 months.
I became an Lose Baby Weight member in July last year, joined the July 28 Day Challenge, made a few meals and that was about it.
I wanted to lose the weight, I really did, but I wasn’t totally committed and found every excuse imaginable for why I was constantly failing.
But I can be proud of the fact that I persisted. Every time I fell over, instead of giving up, I got up, dusted myself off, reflected on what I had learnt and kept going.
Over the next few months I got my head in the game, got dedicated to turning my health around and slowly started seeing results. My weight loss journey is definitely of the slow variety, but SO worth it!
The 28 Day Challenges have completely changed how I think about food and exercise. I am so much more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth each meal, rather than just mindlessly eating whatever was available or ‘easy’.
A year ago I’m pretty sure I could’ve bought shares in KanTong. Today I’d much rather whip up the healthy Lose Baby Weight Butter Chicken from scratch for myself and my family.
The beauty of the Challenges is that everything is there, right at your fingertips, for you to be successful. Customisable meal plans, shopping lists, hundreds of recipes with new ones being added all the time, tracking tools, the list goes on.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
The simplicity of being prepared each week is what has consistently kept me on track.
The Lose Baby Weight Smoothies are really just the icing on the cake and have saved me too many times to count! They’re my go-to meal when I’m strapped for time and a regular on my meal plan.
 The Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight Support Group has been my constant source of inspiration and motivation throughout my weight loss.
The knowledge that you’re going through all the highs and lows of your journey with thousands of other mums willing to share in your successes and lift you up when you need it is truly amazing.
I’ve ‘met’ so many incredible women who have played a big role in helping me to stay on track and believe that I can achieve anything I set out to do. They’ve taught me the importance of goals and helped me to feel empowered and capable.  The regular exercise challenges keep me moving and always trying something new.
Along the way I’ve set myself goals to keep myself accountable and on track. Again, if I’m being completely honest, they also appeal to the more competitive and stubborn side of my nature!!
My goals started off little, such as sticking to my meal plan for the day, two days, a week. Getting in thirty minutes of exercise three days a week, then four, then six.
I had to start little and work my way up, because if I started with big goals they just seemed ridiculously unachievable and ended up being a massive knock to my self confidence.
Well I began to surprise myself, especially on the exercise side of things and that’s when things started to feel ‘easier’.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
The weight didn’t move any faster, the centimetres didn’t reduce any quicker, but my mindset changed and I started to truly believe for the first time that I could achieve my goals, no matter how ridiculously big.
I mean, if I could run 5km why couldn’t I run 10km? Before I knew it, it actually became enjoyable to exercise.
This month I’m setting goals and I have every intention of meeting them. I will run 70km throughout the month of May.
I will complete some form of exercise every single day. I will stick to my meal plans.  I will complete the challenge exercises.
They’re my goals. I’ve written them down and this month I’m challenging you to set yourself some goals. You don’t need to share them, but you do need to work as hard as you can to achieve them.
Believe in yourself and don’t give up, because you are absolutely worth it and you definitely can do it. Dream big and achieve big!
Good luck on the challenge ladies and I hope I’m able to inspire and motivate you the way so many other incredible ladies have motivated and inspired me along the way.
Annette xx
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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