Hi ladies!
I can’t believe we’re half way through the May Belly Buster Challenge already!
Lose Baby Weight-16kg Loss
In previous challenges this was the point where all my best intentions completely fell apart and I reverted to old habits. Sound familiar?! This time it’s different and more than anything else that’s what excites me the most at the moment.
I’m actually feeling like I can complete this challenge, look back at the end and know that I’ve put in 110% for the whole 28 days.
So I’m taking this opportunity to reflect on the goals that I set at the beginning of the challenge – it’s important! Reflecting helps me to identify the things I’m doing right or what I need to improve on to realize my goals.
I feel like I’m on track to achieve the goals I set myself for the month of May. I’ve pretty much stuck to the meal plan except for the odd dinner out- which is perfectly fine, this is a lifestyle change!
I wanted to run 70km throughout the month and I’m nearly half way there after a chest infection put me out of action for a week.  I have completed every challenge workout to date – yay!! That’s a major achievement for me! Even better is that I’m absolutely loving the exercises, the core workouts and especially the Pilates.
The only way I’ve managed to get my running and challenge exercises in is to make exercise a priority.  I’ve found this so difficult!!
I’d usually put it off because I had a million and one things still to get done. It was vitally important that I get the vacuuming done, emptied the dishwasher and cleaned up the kids’ toys for the zillionth time that day before I even considered exercising.
I know…slightly obsessive or maybe I was just happy to use any excuse in the book to justify my lack of exercise.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
About a month ago a few things happened:
Firstly I started talking to some lovely ladies who, without even knowing it, fired up my motivation and got me interested in exercising through fun little challenges.
The next thing that happened was a family member suddenly passed away. The shock of it slammed into me.  When something like that happens it puts everything into perspective.
We only have one chance at this life.  Was the vacuuming, dishwasher or, god forbid, the kids’ toys, really more important than my own health and fitness? Did it really matter if the house was sometimes a shambles when I was feeling ten times happier in myself than ever before?
And let’s be honest….if I’m happier then so are my children and husband. So it became easier.
Exercise has a place in my day, regardless of the zillion other things on the list to be done.  I’m encouraging you to make sure that exercise has a place in your day.
It may be true that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise but I can guarantee you that the sense of achievement you get from completing your first run or being able to do 10 burpees in a row is not something that you will get just from eating right.
At the start of this month I joined up with a fabulous group of women. I owe them so much!
They keep me accountable and motivated to not give up and I always have this weird sense of not wanting to disappoint them that keeps me going.
But most importantly, it’s so nice to have like-minded people to talk to, offer support and celebrate your successes with because, let’s be honest, as much as we love them, men don’t usually get the excitement of a kilo lost or running 5 minutes straight for the first time.
Each day we check in with each other so we’re accountable for our exercise and food intake.  We have a laugh and share little things about our day. We challenge, support and inspire one another to dream big and achieve our goals.
If you haven’t yet, I would encourage you to find another Lose Baby Weight member to connect with.  Buddy up and help each other along your journeys.
If you’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’, not given it your all or not even started the challenge yet – it’s never too late!! Don’t wait for tomorrow or Monday or the ‘right’ time – start today! You can do it J
Best of luck for the rest of the Challenge ladies – we can do this!!
Annette xx
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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