Hi Ladies!
How did you all find this months 28 day weightloss challenge? I found this month great! My weight loss has slowed but its still budging in the right direction and I’m SO close to pre-baby (#1) weight (only 2kg to go)
Lose Baby Weight- 12kg Loss
PCOS/endo contribute to my slow loss but a loss is still a loss no matter how slow. Do not get too fixated on the numbers on the scales!
I am still heavier then prebaby#1 but pants that only fit when I was 70kg are now fitting perfectly – let your clothes guide you. My whole shape has changed since starting Lose Baby Weight and incorporating the challenge plans and exercises.
I find that staying on track with Lose Baby Weight is easy when it comes to the food. There is usually a healthy alternative to every craving that hits on the Lose Baby Weight recipe hub!
I find that its exercise motivation that I struggle with but my best motto that I have stuck with since joining Lose Baby Weight is that “Just do 10 minutes” even when I cant muster any gusto. After 10 minutes I usually keep going because the good energy endorphins start flowing!
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
What has been your favourite 28 day weightloss challenge meal this month? Mine and hubby approved was the Mexican Tacos they has “just” the right amount of kick that I like and taste exactly like the tacos I used to eat but 1/8th the calories.
My favourite snack has been the Almond granola bites – I made a batch so big that I will probably be eating them for the next month but they are super simple, super quick and super tasty – all the things I look for!
Since joining Lose Baby Weight I have lost over 12kg and have lost 1.6kg this challenge. I still have 10kg until my ultimate goal of 65kg.
I have not been under 70kg since I was 12 years old.
This is a lifelong journey ladies and thankfully Lose Baby Weight makes it so easy to change your lifestyles without it feeling like a “diet” I feel like I’m ALWAYS eating now and its great….who would have ever thought that you have to eat MORE to lose weight lol
I look forward to starting the May Belly Buster Challenge with all you ladies and hitting my next goal of pre baby weight.
Annaleese x
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Lose Baby Weight- Belly Buster
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