Hi Mums, I am Anna and I have lost 15kgs* with Lose Baby Weight and over 160cms* from my body!
When I started my journey with Lose Baby Weight in November 2014 i was tired all the time, full of excuses, lacking in motivation to do the simple daily tasks as a stay at home mum to two children 4 and 2.5years old, unfit, unhappy, and taking pain relief everyday for my aching severely overweight body.
Lose Baby Weight- 15kg Loss

10 months later I am now down 15kgs and I have lost over 160cms!
HAPPY, motivated and determined, the increase of energy is awesome.
I’m alot more adventurous with food and try new recipes daily.
THM-Smoothie-Subscription-300-250My family are all loving the new lifestyle, and we will not be changing back to our old ways for anyone. Every morning i am giving my body the perfect start with delicious Healthy Mummy smoothies, and I can’t believe I am saying this but I actually LOVE exercise!
My biggest piece of advice to anyone who was where I was, is this:
Make yourself a priority, invest in yourself, let go of those excuses you have been using, you wont regret it!
Be honest with your self, you need to work out what you are wanting to achieve, for example, is it to become fitter and look better, or just to become overall healthier and happier? Set small goals and be sure to give yourself rewards.
Don’t dwell on weak moments but don’t let those weak moments control you more than they should.
Anna xx
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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

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Emma Lost 26kgs* With The 28 Day Challenges
“Lose Baby Weight has given me a new lease on life, even when I’m battling life struggles and personal issues I have the knowledge to keep eating well and know healthier alternatives to my old favourite comfort foods.
I believe any mum can do the Lose Baby Weight plans, whether you’re underweight or overweight. If I can do it anyone can.”
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