Since starting on the Lose Baby Weight plans in June and being a motivating mum in July, I am happy to report that I have reached a few milestones in the last two weeks.
Last week, I finally got myself back into the ‘normal’ (I prefer to say healthy) BMI range. What a great feeling, no longer being classed as overweight!
This week, I reached the weight loss goal that I set for myself when I first started on Lose Baby Weight in June … I am under 70kg! This was also part of my pledge for the summer challenge.


In fact, weighing in at 69.6kg, I reached another milestone – 15kg lost in total! I have attached a new before (June), middle (July) and after (October) picture showing my 15kg loss.
I am so happy to be back in the 60kilogram range. I have now lost all of my baby weight plus a few extra kilograms as I haven’t been in the 60’s for a few years. Best of all, I feel fantastic!
I am still having a healthy mummy smoothie for breakfast every day and eating meals from the 28 Day Plan (they never get old!) and the website for lunch and dinner and having two healthy snacks per day. I find that I don’t need to count calories as strictly any more as I know the calorie values of a lot of foods just off the top of my head now. (If I’m ever unsure, I use my calorie bible to check).
I also use the same combination of snacks on rotation and know exactly how many calories they are. Despite repeating several Lose Baby Weight meals and snacks over the last four months, the meals are never boring and still taste as good as they did the first time around.
My next milestone is happening this weekend. I am only 6 days away from competing in my first ever triathlon! I have been training hard for it over the last 8 weeks which has helped me lose kilograms and centimetres off my measurements. I am very excited and a little bit nervous.
I have enjoyed the training so much that I am keen to do more, longer distance, triathlons in the future. My fitness levels have improved out of sight too. When I first started training, I could barely swim one lap of the pool and could only run for about 2 minutes at a time. Now, I can swim 800m without stopping and can run continuously for 30 minutes. It is great to feel my body getting stronger and knowing that I can achieve things I set my mind to.
I have Lose Baby Weight to thank for all of this. I wouldn’t have even thought about doing a triathlon if I hadn’t been steadily losing weight and gaining confidence from being on this program. Eating healthy and exercising is really just part of my everyday life now and if I don’t exercise, I feel like there is something missing.
My life really has changed for the better. Thank you so very much Lose Baby Weight, I am very appreciative of your team, your support and of course, your products.
My current measurements (totals lost are since June):

  • Weight: 69.6kg, total of 15kg lost.
  • Bust: 91cm, total of 8cm lost.
  • Waist: 77cm, total of 11.5cm lost.
  • Hips: 98cm, total of 13cm lost.
  • Thighs: 57cm, total of 8.5cm lost.

I have set a new goal of 64.6kg in the members area on the Lose Baby Weight website, which will bring me to a 20kg loss in total. Then I will be happy to work on just maintaining my weight and improving my fitness. Bring on the last 5 kilos!
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