Today,  Motivating Mum Amy Babty updates us on her weight loss – Amy has lost 40kg our Lose Baby Weight plans.

Amy’s weight loss update

Hi I’m Amy, 27 year old mum to two boys, William, 2 years and 4 months and Oliver, 9 months.
A friend recommended the Lose Baby Weight Healthy Mummy smoothies to me and I jumped on it at about 4 weeks post partum. I am so glad I did as even though I doubted myself and thought I would never be able to lose the weight I started to see some results. This energised me and I got the motivation to start as this was as good a time as any to start getting healthy.
I also started being more active and using the resources on the Lose Baby Weight site – the exercises, the snacks, and the 28 day challenge. Best decision I have ever made for myself and for my family!
I have been stunned at how simple and user friendly the 28 day plan is, how simple it is to fit in exercise in short bursts (loving the new DVD!!!) and how much support there is with Lose Baby Weight. I am stunned at how simple it really has been to change my life.
The absolute biggest benefit to me has been the improvement in my health and energy. My self esteem has soared and I feel confident when I step out of the door. I am so proud of what I have achieved and am so, so grateful to the Lose Baby Weight support and motivation system together with their amazing products.
I have been pleasantly surprised at the boost to my milk supply too. With my first son I battled low supply and this time I have had no issues at all and I know I am putting good fuel into my baby as well as into myself.
I have lost 40kg and feel fantastic.

Moving to weight maintenance

I am now going to shift my focus from weight loss to weight loss maintenance. I adjusted my goal weight back to the 70kg it was originally as I feel any further loss will be muscle.
I am quite nervous about this shift in focus as this has been such an empowering journey so far. I have to keep my focus on the fact that I have changed my lifestyle not “finished a diet”. The key for me will be organisation.
My intentions going forward:

  • To re-write my positive affirmations, and continue with these
  • To begin a weekly menu planning board  for both lunches and dinners
  • To weigh monthly for the time being just to keep an eye on how I am going
  • To measure weekly as I will continue toning and working on fitness
  • To…. go shopping! I have hardly any clothes as I have only shopped for the essentials along the journey.
  • To keep as active as possible and seek opportunities for incidental exercise

I have been astonished at how enjoyable this whole journey has been and how rewarding. I have found the Challenge of the Lose Baby Weight website super user-friendly and will continue to use it
I have gained a new love of exercise (before my weight gain I only loved team sport), self motivation, self confidence and a much healthier lifestyle.

Surprises along my journey:

My latest surprise has been weighing myself using the scales I used most of the way though this journey (I got new ones about a month ago) and finding out that I have actually now lost 40.1kg J. My old scales read 67.9kg and my new ones read 70.2kg.
28 DayOther surprises I have found along the way: I love The Healthy Mummy smoothies (I have always thought that I disliked milky things). I actually seem to be intolerant to dairy!
I gave up dairy nine months ago due to my youngest reacting when I had it. I ate some chocolate a few days back and was bloated and had bad digestive pain from it! Great incentive to give it up! I prefer to not have too much wheat (I used to love bread and pasta in abundance) but find I feel better with less of it and prefer things like brown rice and quinoa now.

My update:
  • Weight: 70.2kg
  • Bust: 91cm (breastfeeding)
  • Waist: 74cm
  • Hips: 90cm
  • Thigh: 50cm

Start weight (108kg)
Current weight – 70.2 kg

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