Hi Lose Baby Weight, I really want to let you know about the fantastic results I have had with your delicious healthy mummy smoothies and following your pregnancy weight loss plans.
I have been using the Healthy Mummy smoothies for 3 weeks now and I have already lost 5.1kg, I am so excited and cannot believe how easy it has been to lose the weight.
I have two children, a boy 6 and a little girl, who has just turned 3. When I found your website I was not sure if the smoothies would work for me as I my children are a bit older and I am not breastfeeding.
But I think my results show that even if you have been carrying around your baby weight for a few years the healthy mummy smoothies still work and I am shedding the kilos to prove it!
When I felll pregnant the second time I recieved some scary news that have made the last 3 years quite stressful for us. I had a pap smear when I had just found out I was pregnant, assuming like all my other pap smears  it would return normal results, however when I was 4 weeks pregnant my doctor rang to tell me that some cancerous cells were found on my cervix.
To cut a very long story short, I ended up having two operations and most of my cervix removed. I came very close to losing my darling girl and ended up on bed rest for all of my pregnancy (with a 3 year old boy this proved to be very difficult!).
Thankfully all of the cancerous cells were removed and my gorgeous girl was born absolutley perfect. However 3 and a half months ago, my doctor advised me to have a hysterectomy, as the type of cancer I had has a very high chance of returning, so with a heavy heart and lots of nerves I booked in and went in for surgery.
Everything went really well and I have had a great recovery. However what I wasn’t prepared for was the change to my body shape and the fact I would put on weight. I went into the surgery a few kg’s overweight, still carrying baby weight that I hadn’t lost yet, but after 6 weeks of recovery I had put on nearly 5kg’s.
I was trying to deal with the fact that I had had the surgery, that I would no longer be able to have babies and to top it all off when Iooked in the mirror I felt so depressed, I felt overweight and just plain ugly!!
That was when I found out about your smoothies via facebook and 3 weeks later, I feel like a different person. I feel so motivated, I feel healthy and I feel happy! I really cannot believe it has only been 3 weeks. Instead of focusing on all the bad things I have been through, I am looking forward to the future and wanting to make myself as healthy as possible so I can enjoy watching my children grow and know I will be around for a long time!
Your smoothies are so fantastic as they are yummy and the best thing of all that has helped me is they really do keep you full and really do give you lot’s of energy.
I am in no way starving myself so it actually has felt very easy to lose the weight. Now it is daylight savings I go for a 45 min walk each night up lots of hills and I know this is helping lots too and I actually really enjoy it!
Thank you so much for your fantastic smoothies, your website and emails are also great to keep up the motivation and I have already tried quite a few recipes and they have been really yum!
I will keep you informed on how my journey goes, I cannot wait to email you to let you know I have reached my goal weight!
Thanks again, I am just really thrilled that I found your product,
Love Amy Brooker xx

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