Hi Lose Baby Weight, here is my post pregnancy weight loss story: (nearly the end of my story)  🙂
I have now being using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies now for approx 3 months and I have lost a total of 9kgs!!! my goal is 10kgs!!
Before my first son I weighed 55kg and NEVER had a weight problem then I fell pregnant and thought well I can eat anything now I’m just going to get fat anyways! so I did!!  after giving birth i was still about 10kgs over weight and I really struggled to lose my weight which I never did.


I then fell pregnant with my second child and thought the same thing again i can eat anything i want… my weight went up over 70kgs (I refused to check it after i hit 70!!)  after i gave birth i went down to around 65kg and i knew i had to do something about it i felt awful, fat and depressed..
I purchased a few of the healthy mummy smoothies and haven’t looked back.. the smoothies are so yummy and filling! The motivation on their facebook page was great for me. If i was having a bad day i would normally jump onto the facebook page and read a few stories of other mums that have lost weight and that would get me back into again.
I have tried so many other ‘diet fads’ but yes i lost weight but it wasn’t the right way and i put it straight back on and I really got frustrated with myself, but im now 3 mths into the smoothies and I’m still enjoying them and my weight hasn’t crept back on…. I’m planning to keep it like that!!!
And I can’t forget to say is that im back in my pre preggie clothes!! no more maternity clothes!!!  Yipee
Hope you enjoyed my story!
PS… ive never taken a bra/panties photo of myself!! so that’s a first for me and I can actually say I was not embarrassed to see myself like that now.

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