Amber’s Update
Week 2 is now over and I am halfway through my Motivating Mum experience. I am really enjoying motivating others and especially myself with the lose baby weight plans, books and smoothies.
I am still absolutely loving fruit. I love that I can have an apple in my bag at all times and when I have a sudden coffee catch up or I am away from home longer than I thought, I will have an apple.

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When I wake up, it’s all just routine now. I don’t crave the naughties and actually look forward to the healthy mummy smoothies and night time meals from the 28 day plan. The hubby and kids are loving the healthy food. It’s amazing how versatile it is too. I change them around to suit our Coeliac Disease needs and it is so simple. Most of the meals in the plans are gluten free anyway and don’t forget that the healthy mummy smoothies are too.
I have just purchased the vanilla so good because I loved the choc one so much that I thought I will give it a go. I can’t wait to try it today with my smoothie. I am managing to still change them around every day and today I had some bananas that were starting to go brown on the skin so I peeled and froze them all ready for my smoothies needs.
How easy is the meal plan? SO EASY! Chop some veg/salad and cook some meat. Sounds boring? It sure isn’t! Add a few condiments that the plan suggests and oh my gosh yum! I am still able to work and cook – now that’s unusual. I just love how easy  lose baby weight is making this for me. THANKS TEAM!
Oh the exercise DVD! You must try it if you haven’t already. It sure is a work out that leaves me feeling like I have actually worked myself hard and all in my own living room. Very mummy friendly and extremely easy to follow. I love stretching and relaxing knowing that I have easily exercised for another day. My goal this for the fortnight is to do the dvd daily.
Loving my water and I am so pleased to say I haven’t had any diet cordial mixed with it at all! I am taking my fish oils too and wow they make me feel so much better also. I am really noticing that my knees aren’t hurting so much and I am thinking this is from the fish oil capsules.
I felt like something sweetish and I had so many lemons on the tree (still do!) And I still had last seasons in the freezer (juiced into ice cubes) so I blitzed them with some water and stevia (natural sweetner) and created a lovely lemon sorbet. I just kept freezing and blitzing. It’s sooooo good that I may even try it with oranges!
We went to a movie yesterday, call it a date if you will! And hubby had popcorn. I let myself have the smallest amount but made sure I went easy on it. We then went out to have Italian for tea and I ordered an entrée size gnocchi which I still portioned and only had a small amount of, and only had water. I was so proud and even reflecting on it today, I am happy that I let myself have a treat without blowing it all out of the window. But I must say, Italian is certainly not gluten free (which I knew) But it made me ill and I have learnt my lesson. Overall though the moral is, don’t let yourself miss out, so long as you can control it then it’s absolutely fine to have treats. Also, this isn’t a “diet” it’s a healthy exercise and meal plan which is long term.
Today I am so happy with where I am. I am so close to my first goal that it excites me and motivates me to push even harder. I have lost 2.4kg while being motivating mum and still have 2 weeks to go. Oh and green tea…. Let me keep at it. I promise I will love it 😉
Bust – 106.5 (lost 4cm in total)
Waist – 90 (lost 9.5cm in total)
Hips – 112 (lost 7.5cm in total)
L) leg – 63 (lost) 7.5cm in total)
R) leg – 62 (lost 9cm in total)
L) arm – 36 (lost 4.5 in total)
R) arm –37 (lost 5cm in total)
LOST a total of 47cm since becoming motivating mum
Weight – 91.2kg, LOST 1.1kg this week
Lost a total of 2.4kg since becoming motivating mum and 14kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans
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