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Amber Loses 12kg & Becomes A Motivating Mum!

Hi fellow mummies! I’ve been sitting back quietly reading motivating mum posts and wishing that I could be in that position also. I wasn’t sure I would be quite up for the job considering I still have so much to lose still! But I have finally decided that it’s not only what I can do for the rest of the mothers who need motivation, it’s what I need for myself also.
I remember back in August applying for the October motivating mum position and I can still feel my heart racing now as I vividly remember clicking ‘apply’ and uploading a photo of myself. This is definitely one of the hardest things I have ever put myself forward to do but I am sure that with a lot of hard work and determination, it will all be so worth it in the end. It’s the push I need.


I have lost 14kg on the lose baby weight program and have encouraged so many people already to join. It has been and still is a fantastic weight loss program for mothers out there of any age.
I am breastfeeding my son and can still have the yummy healthy mummy smoothies as well as do the exercises and the 28 day plan. I love the winter warmer plan especially due to all the hearty soups that I make in advance and keep in the fridge to last me many meals. I’ve tried other weight loss plans and haven’t yet been able to stick to one like I can with Lose Baby Weight.
I can still treat myself with the lovely recipes online and in the recipe book and 28 day plan and I feel so much fuller for longer. I love the recently added calorie bible, it’s extremely handy in choosing snacks and I am so excited to try the new exercise dvd too! I am extremely thankful that I saw a friend “like” the lose baby weight page all those months ago, otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today.
28 DayMost things have been for my children or my husband, or any other person that needs my help and support at any given time. And I do burn myself out with exhaustion from not looking after myself while putting others before me. This time I am prepared to give myself every bit of fuel I need (food and exercise) to prove to not only myself, but my family and friends that I can do this, and that I too need help and support. In saying this, my husband has been absolutely fantastic and walks with me, eats what I eat, helps shop for the groceries I need to cook with and even cooks with me.
So a bit about me; I am a young mother of 4 children aged almost 8 years old through to 10 months young! They keep me on my toes at the best of times but I love being a mum. I had first 3 children very close together leaving a 4 year age gap between 3 and 4. I put on a lot of weight having them and I’m still slowly losing it and will intend to keep losing it!
I live in a very rural town away from shops and most importantly – take away foods! I love where I live, it’s peaceful and homely. I highly enjoy walking around my area and find some of the areas quite challenging to walk with a huge bub in the pram and the other 3 scootering, riding, skipping along!
I have Insulin Resistance which is so close to diabetes that it’s enough to scare me into this weight loss journey. It’s not a nice thing to be diagnosed with and makes weight loss extremely challenging – but watch me do this 😉 I also have poor circulation and a gene which puts me at a higher risk of blood clots. This too, is encouraging enough for me to get off my bum!
My main goals for my first week of motivating mum are –

  • -Drink the healthy mummy smoothies every day for lunch and mix them up a little instead of having the same ones.
  • -Exercise EVERY day and at any given chance and make sure I do the exercises in the 28 day plan
  • -Bake some lovely treats from the website and to keep me going throughout the week
  • -Drink a glass of water before each meal as water is my biggest downfall
  • -Get on my exercise bike for 5-10 mins before each meal time to earn my food
  • -Learn to like green tea!!! I will try it many ways in the hopes of finding a way of enjoying it – stay tuned!!!

My overall goal is to get well back into the “80’kgs” that feel so far away! And instead of feeling ashamed at telling the world that I am in the 90kg’s, I am motivated to prove to them that I won’t be in them for long!!!
I look forward to motivating you and myself along with the rest of the mums of the world throughout the month of October . And I’ll be facing challenges such as my daughter’s birthday party, my brother in laws wedding, a school family fun day and I am sure many more activities will pop up and attempt to tempt me!  Until next time, keep up the fab work ladies
x Amber Foster.

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