Wow – we just got sent in this AMAZING story from Amanda Friend who has lost her baby weight on the Lose Baby Weight plans – and doesn’t she look FANTASTIC!!  A huge well done to Amanda on her weight loss and thank you for sending in and sharing your weight loss story.

Amanda’s Weight Loss Story

“4.5 months after having my second child, I have already reached pre pregnancy (#2) weight.
It’s such a relief to be able to fit into my old clothes (and even some of them are a bit loose!).  I gained 15kgs with my daughter (who has just turned two) and 20kgs during my second pregnancy.
I am lucky that the majority of weight falls off soon after giving birth, however, I had the last 7kgs to lose.  My self confidence was lower this time around so I didn’t have the patience to just wait it out and hope that it eventually fell off like it almost did with my daughter.
I stumbled across Lose Baby Weight through another Facebook business page and it was in the back of my mind until I finally placed an order a few weeks later.  I was sceptic, as we all are, but I fell in love with the smoothies, and the daily advice and help from Rhian.
When I didn’t have my smoothies anymore, I struggled to keep up with the momentum as the smoothies made me feel so good and so full of energy!  I even started enjoying exercise for the first time in my life!!  I didn’t care that much about the figure on the scale, but I wanted to get fit and healthy, and with that would come my ideal weight.
The smoothies are so delicious.  I have never been a big fruit eater and I loved knowing I was getting my fruit intake in my smoothies.  I lost 6.7kgs in 10 weeks.  I was on the smoothies for about half of this time, 1-2 a day, and then continued exercising and cooking the recipes on the website and following the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan.  I have been ravishingly hungry whilst breastfeeding, but I just make sure I am eating the right foods rather than the wrong foods.
I now just want to keep up with the exercise and tone my body up a little more, but no doubt with the tips, encouragement and motivation from Lose Baby Weight, I will get there in time.  I am looking forward to placing another order of smoothies soon to give me a new boost as I am feeling extra tired and worn out lately and know that the smoothies will get me back on track!  I am still amazed at how selfless Rhian is, and how she puts so much time and effort to help other mums find their healthy mind and body.  Thank you xx”
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