A HUGE well done and thank you to Amanda Davis who has lost 9kg on the Lose Baby Weight weight loss and healthy eating plans! We hope Amanda’s story helps inspire you to get healthy and full of energy and if you need some help we have our 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet & Exercise Plan to help or our Lose Baby Weight Smoothie Plans.

Amanda Davis – 9kg Weight Loss

“I started theLose Baby Weight Plan  in January which was 7 weeks after my second baby was born and now 9 weeks into the plan I have lost 9.1kg and have just 4kg more to go to reach my goal weight which I am so happy about!
After having my baby two years ago, I began putting on the weight from all the sugar cravings I got from breastfeeding, and by the time I became pregnant again last February I was the biggest I had ever been.
And when I became pregnant again I was quite depressed about the prospect of going through a second pregnancy and putting on even more baby weight.
Then after my son was born I found Lose Baby Weight on Facebook, and gave the weight loss plans a go, and here I am nearly 10 weeks on still on the Breastfeeding Plan and I am feeling absolutely fantastic.
My energy levels are high, my nails are strong, my skin is looking the the best it has in a long time plus my milk supply is excelleny and I am loving all the compliments I am getting about how good Im looking!
I have and will carry on recommending Lose Baby Weight to all my friends and family as it is a fantastic plan with a huge amount of support.”

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