Amanda has lost over 14kgs with Lose Baby Weight and is inspiring us in April while she continues to lose baby weight.
Lose baby weight- 14kg loss
So far the last 2 weeks have been good, with only a couple of days I wasn’t perfect with food, and I am super excited to start this week off with a BANG! Meals planned and lemon water drank and experimenting with breakfast Healthy Mummy smoothies! This last 7kgs are going forever and won’t be coming back EVER AGAIN!
I enjoy using all the recipes from the books and the website. My current favourites are the pumpkin risotto (budget friendly cookbook), the spinach and ricotta pasta (budget friendly cookbook), the chocolate and walnut slice (guilt free chocolate cookbook) and the chorizo pasta.
I am this week trying out a few recipes from the spring and summer cookbook to try and make these cold days seem a little warmer. The recipes are super simple and very budget friendly!
I love that the ingredients are something I can find everywhere in my local supermarket, as where we are it’s a 30minute drive at least to get to a bigger supermarket.
I have started back up using my fitness pal again, and why I gave this up I am certainly unsure! It is the best app to track both food and exercise, keeping track of calories has never been easier on my mobile phone. Would highly recommend this app to anybody!!!
My exercise this week will be mainly walking and lower body exercises, from the healthy mummy exercise dvd, due to a shoulder injury sustained over the last weekend. I always keep in mind that every little bit counts, even if it isn’t as much as I would usually do.
I have my head down and I am ready to smash out the next few weeks to lose the last 7kgs to finally get to my goal weight!
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Lose Baby Weight- Belly Buster
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