Hi Lose Baby Weight, after putting on 32kgs with my first child, and having a premature baby, and suffering from postnatal depression, I struggled to lose my pregnancy weight.
I gained of 11kgs of pregnancy weight with my second child and lost 8kgs after, but still was no where close to my goal pre pregnancy weight.

When I was pregnant with my third child I found the Lose Baby Weight website and decided once I had this baby I was going to lose this weight.
I signed up and once bub was born, I began the breastfeeding safe program and once my baby had stopped breastfeeding at 9 weeks, I got stuck into the challenge full speed.
I’ve gone from 89kgs down to 67kgs, thats 22kgs gone… my goal is to get to 60kgs…only 7 more kilos to go, I’m now back playing sport and also now have the energy & confidence to do personal training. I’m going to hit my target, and be the best I’ve been in 10 years…
I cant wait 🙂
thank you for your support and your great plans and challenges…
Alyssa Grant
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