Hi Mamma’s my name is Ally and I’m one of your July motivating mums. I’m a mum to two beautiful children aged 9 and aged 23 months.
Through many ups and downs (mostly ups) I’ve managed to lose 20kg with another 6kgs to go which I know I can achieve with the knowledge I have gained and all the tools and support at Lose Baby Weight.
Lose Baby Weight-20kg Loss

When I first started my weight loss journey I was depressed and was extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. I tired easily on the shortest walks and knew I had to change my lifestyle before I completely lost myself.
I received my very first delivery from Lose Baby Weight which included the 28 Day Plan Book, DVD and smoothies.
I set my start date the first Monday after New Year’s 2014, did my first shop so I was well prepared. I got up that first Monday and used my Lose Baby Weight DVD.
I worked up a sweat and thought it was hard but I pushed through and stuck to using it most days as well as walks around the block which slowly started to get bigger as the weight fell off.
As the weight came off I slowly felt me coming back with each gram, each kilo, each walk and every healthy meal. I am now so full of energy, look forward to my breakfast and/or lunch smoothies and wait for it ENJOY exercise!!!!!!
And the best thing my daughter LOVES that her mummy jogs (yes you read right JOGS! never did I think I ever would) to catch her on her bike for nearly 4 kms.
After doing the 28 Day Plan for about four months I made the decision to subscribe to the 28 Day Challenges and I must say it was another great decision!
lose baby weight
Not only are the meal plans easy to follow but they are completely customisable to suit my families tastes and budget and most recipes are easily tweaked to make allergy free for my children and easy to prepare.
My shopping list is done for me and to top it off I have an easy to follow exercise plan which I am able to do in the comfort of my own home. I love how each challenge is different to the last and keep on getting better.
I think with my sweet tooth at the end of the day my favourite part has to be I STILL get to have a piece of chocolate or a treat after dinner each night and still lose weight.
I’ve loved that on a busy morning trying to get two kids ready as well as myself I can quickly make myself a nutritional breakfast and/or lunch smoothies and have it on the run or take it to work.
There are so many smoothie recipes to choose from or you can make your own, my two faves would have to be the sneaky snickers and chocolate doughnut smoothies, they definitely take a chocolate craving away.
Lose Baby Weight has not only given me all the tools I need to eat better and be healthy, it has also taught me to listen to my body.
Setting  mini and major goals and taking  progress pics and measurements helps to keep me on  track and helps keep me motivated when I can see how far I have come, and know it’s OK to have bad days.
Bring on the next 28 Day Challenge.   WE GOT THIS!!!!
ALLY  xx

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Lose Baby Weight- Challenge

Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too!
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Eliza lost 22kg (48 pounds) on 4 Challenges
Lose Baby Weight Results
Eliza says “I started in September with my first 28 Day Weightloss Challenge. I lost 8 kg that month. So far I have lost 22 kg. But it is what I have gained which will make me a supporter for life!
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