Well summer is here and the end of my term as motivating mum has come. However, I hope that my story continues to motivate anyone who would like to gain some fitness and have the added bonus of fitting into those pre-baby clothes or that outfit you would love to wear.
I started the month well losing 1.7kg in 10 days and have lost 16kg in total on the Lose Baby Weight plans. Then I only lost 500g but I have gained muscle and fitness. The photo I have attached below is in a pair of jeans I couldn’t even squeeze into a month ago.
I can honestly say that I wish I followed the 28 day diet and exercise plan every single day because if I did I would have lost a bit more. It really does work! If you are breastfeeding, the smoothies help your milk supply and the foods in the plan are safe in breastfeeding also. I have weaned my bub so it is much harder now. I had to find that balance and November has helped me to do that. I found that as the days ticked away I wasn’t craving foods I normally did. The snacking on crusts and kids leftovers reduced.
My exercises this month  consisted of dancing around on my verandah, gardening, the lose baby weight DVD, walking with my children, riding the pushbike, or running around like a mad woman doing housework for a family of 6 and our little farm jobs. Actually, that was my main exercise. It’s very rare to see me lounging around, unless of course you are visiting and then I’m likely to be enjoying a chin wag with you. On those days, you see me hit the panic button late afternoon and throw in a workout as I feel guilty. I need exercise; it makes me feel so much better.  The exercises in the lose baby weight 28 day diet and exercise plan are great too. Made for mums. The lose baby weight website also has a range of great tools on there also.
If you want it to work, you have to work at it.  It’s not a miracle cure. Lose baby weight helps you to eat nutritionally rich foods and suggest exercise. You have to do the rest. I’m not going to say it’s easy. Losing weight is hard work, but on the lose baby weight plans you aren’t hungry and they tell you what and how much you should eat.
My biggest problem is comfort eating. I tend to eat when I am stressed. Keeping a food diary helped this. I also have tried to not have chocolate in the house as this is what I tend to grab when I feel stressed out. So this month, if I have had a bad “hour” or “minute” or “day” I have tended to comfort eat foods that have nutritionally benefits. Eg. Bowl of porridge or a rice cracker dipped in hummus.
Even though my calorie intake might have been up a little, at least my body was getting nutrition and not foods that make you feel sick later. I also found that I probably wasn’t as hungry at dinnertime and enjoyed a Healthy Mummy smoothie instead of a main meal on those extra snacking days. I love cooking, especially treats. I don’t necessarily eat them but I love treating my family. I am going to have to change that mindset and start cooking treats from the Lose baby weight website. Rum balls looks delicious.
I usually make a healthy/energy bite which my kids love. We focus on fit here. You might have seen my post regarding my 6 year old. He said to me the other day “Gees mum you are looking fit”. It’s so nice to run around the yard kicking a soccer ball with the 4 boys and not feel as though I might die.  My fitness this month really has increased. I even noticed in the garden, that things don’t seem as difficult as they did a few months ago. The month of November and increased strength training has worked.
My goal has been to run down and back to my front gate. I live on a small farm. Jogging isn’t my thing. I have never enjoyed it and thought I wasn’t a jogger. I have proven myself wrong. The other day after an aerobic workout in the cool of the afternoon, I ran down to my front gate and back. I’m not going to say I wasn’t puffing because I certainly was. But I did it! Now I want to do it with ease and perhaps a couple of times back and forward.
Another thing I think is really important, as a person who has suffered with obsessions with food is, there will be more food later. You don’t have to eat and eat and eat just because its dinner time. Or if you go to an all you can eat buffet, you really need to only eat what your body requires at that sitting. Not a days’ worth of food!
I hope you have enjoyed my healthy mummy smoothie posts, exercise updates and other little posts along the way this month. Congratulations to anyone who has reached their goals this month and congratulations to anyone who has started their journey. You are one step close to a healthier happier you!  And if you haven’t started yet… JUST start NOW! Baby steps. One step at a time. One day at a time. Small things – like not using butter on your toast or walking a bit more. Every bit helps! Good luck.
Alicia Busby

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