Wow! We are half way through the month and as a motivating mum for Lose Baby weight I’m feeling great and have lost 15kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans!
I have increased my fitness levels! I can exercise with ease now. I enjoy exercise and last weekend I found myself wanting to do more – only I had children to feed and jobs to do around the house!
My body is also changing shape.  I love the feeling of being in control of my body and fitness levels.  Today I realised, that this is a lifestyle change – I need to keep eating healthy and exercising forever.
I want to nourish my body with nutrient rich foods, with the odd healthy treat  :0!
The last 2 weeks have been good, although I have struggled to do structured exercise every day. My little ones, work and the house/farm keep me hopping and it seems the incidental exercise and quick bouts of jogging to do the jobs around our little farm have helped. I am considering scheduling exercise into my diary so that I get some decent workouts in.
The Lose baby weight Post baby exercise DVD is a great workout. It was exactly what I needed. I am lucky, I have  great support in my aunty who is also focusing on fitness also. We really enjoy the DVD. We work out on my verandah at a convenient time for us. It’s great! Even if you only do one of the 15 minute workouts on the DVD it is still better than doing nothing! Every bit counts.
SmoothieAlthough I would like to fit some larger workouts in I guess it’s about what you can do.  I am still losing weight and gaining fitness as I am drinking the healthy mummy smoothies and watching what I eat. The 28 day diet and exercise plan from Lose baby weight is a great resource. It explains what foods to eat, why and how to do post baby exercises.  I love the recipes in it too. I constantly refer to the lose baby weight Facebook page and the Lose Baby weight website for motivation and inspiration!
The other mums are doing so well and it’s great to read articles on their progress and recipes.  I read a tip that said to put your joggers on in the morning. So every morning I dress as If I am about to go to the gym, fully decked out in workout gear and joggers.  I look very convincing J I also choose to see every job as an opportunity to work out – jogging to turn the hose on, running up the stairs, dancing around whilst I prepare kids lunches or do the housework – which is much easier to do in joggers. I am very lucky that I live out of town or I would probably get some weird looks from neighbours – but who cares about that anyway J LOL.
I do find it difficult with my children as our kitchen is open 24/7  – it’s so tempting to snack with them. For this reason I have chosen to keep a food diary. A food diary 17 years ago was not ideal for me as I battled an eating disorder. But now I aim for the calories I should eat for the day. I used the Lose baby weight tools on their website to calculate my BMR and BMI and the calories I should consume. It’s important not to be starving and also to consume correct calories so your body is not holding onto any stores either.  I do tend to have a smoothie for dinner if I have enjoyed a decent lunch and perhaps my snacks added up a little bit more. That way I finish the day on a high and I really love the BANANA and OAT healthy mummy vanilla smoothie at the end of a hot day.
My favourite recipe this week from the Lose baby weight Spring and Summer cookbook28 Day Plan would have to be the warm beef salad. I am looking forward to cooking more meals from the cookbook and the 28 day diet and exercise plan this week. My family love the new recipes also. I am also very thankful for the calorie bible as I am able to calculate the calories in foods we normally eat and determine serving sizes also. I would also recommend buying a set of kitchen scales as it can be surprising how much more we eat  – rather than the correct serve. I also use the portion control plate available at Lose baby weight.
For those of you who still like to see figures – the scales say 66.8kg and on the 25 October 2013 I was 68.7kg. I lost 1.7 kg up to 4 November and I’ve lost a little bit more since then. But mainly I feel great. I’m getting firmer and closer to my goal weight of 64 kg which I set back in October last year.
That will make over 16 kg weight loss for me. I knew when I set that I would be back into the healthy BMI. I know that I should probably be 60kg but if I am fit and healthy and feeling great I will be happy with maintaining the 64kg! I look forward to reading all of your results and stories.
Good luck with your weight loss and remember every little bit counts. Even if you don’t lose and don’t gain any you’re still winning the weight loss battle!

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